Monday, March 23, 2015

15 Weeks - Meet Chatty Cathy

In the past couple of weeks Little Two has gotten very chatty. Nothing like real words, of course, but many repeated vocalizations; my favorite is one that has the same patterning as 'I love you.' And she will 'talk' back in a nonsense conversation when you engage her.

She has not repeated the roll from tummy to back of the other day. Boo!

This girl continues to be a snuggle-bug, happiest when sitting on my lap or being carried if I'm walking around. Unfortunately for my arms/neck/back the two carriers I've tried have not been popular. She also prefers to nap on me to any other location. It does make it difficult at times to get things done!

I am a bit concerned that she is tilting her head to one side, not for head shape but that the muscles of neck her are compensating for an issue. Will be addressing that with the ped. at her next appointment.

Nursing continues to be successful. I miss the weekly weigh-ins I was able to do with LO, because it was a trackable data, but LT maintains her chubby cheeks, wrists, and thighs while seemingly growing out of clothes before I've gotten them washed for a second wearing, so I think she's doing just fine there. I continue to give her a 4oz formula bottle at bedtime followed by a full nursing session so her tummy is nice and full and usually guarantees 5-6 hours of sleep. On the off nights it's more like a total of 3-4 for me. Blergh. In other news, my coffee addiction is in full swing.

LO is impatiently waiting for LT to get big enough to play with her. Apparently we adults having to do adult things and not play with her ALL. THE. TIME. is too boring for her or something. On the flip side, she has taught herself to do a cartwheel, without any gymnastics training/exposure at all. How crazy is that?!

I guess that's all there is here, LT actually transferred to the swing for a nap (all hail the Fisher Price Cradle & Swing) and I have a literal mountain of pots and pans awaiting my attention in the kitchen (see above regarding difficulty getting things done) which I may finally be able to get a handle on. Hah!)

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