Tuesday, March 10, 2015

13.5 Weeks (aka 3 Months)

Little Two rolled over during tummy time today! She's only done tummy time a short handful of times (bad mom!) so extra hurray!!!!

Pushing into 6 months clothes already, and out of 3 month sleepers though pants still fit around the waist. She's a chunk, but a long one.

Nursing continues on approximately the same schedule as before: Every 2-3 hours during the day, a 4oz bottle at bedtime, 4-6 hours of sleep for me and then start over again.

Dealing with both girls at the same time is getting harder - LT naps mostly on me (which is simultaneously awesome and frustrating) so even when she's sleeping I'm still not really free to give LO 100% exclusive attention.  LO's behavior seems to be reflecting this lack of individual attention. So much not fun.

 DH and I celebrated 13 years of marriage on the 9th, went out to a nice dinner on Friday by ourselves. The in-laws came over and watched both girls, didn't do everything exactly as I would have liked, but that's the price to pay for free childcare.

What else? We signed LO up for Kindergarten for next year. We're going to keep her at the private preschool for several reasons, number one for me is that the class size will be 12-16 students vs. 28 in the public school. This will allow for much more individualized attention. It really feels like she will thrive in a smaller class vs. bobbing along in a larger one.

I guess that's it. Off to make dinner. Wish me luck!

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