Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Weeks, Little Two Style

We're all doing well here. LT does have a touch of reflux which is responding nicely to a daily dose of famotidine.

LT is sprouting like a weed, at her 2 month appointrment was 11.5lb and 22.5" tall which places her squarely at the 75th percentile for both. She's powered through size 1 diapers in the space of one 100 count box & 3 smaller packages. I put her in size 2's last night and they fit nicely so when the current supply of 1's is depleted that is it! Three month clothing is also starting to get snug - it feels like I just switched into it from newborn and I'm sure she hasn't worn everything even once! At least LO was in 3-6 and 6 month clothes in the winter so I don't need to stock up on warm stuff (though maybe some more long-sleeve shirts since I layer LT more than LO). It's been helpful having LO's stuff but at some point I know their 6 month season difference is going to catch up and I'll be shopping for both of them.

Related, I wasn't expecting LT to be on the upper end of the percentiles. My side of the family runs more petite, so why wouldn't one of the girls be smaller? Oh well, I guess they got my looks and DH's frame. Better that than the other way, I suppose. ;)

LT continues to get a 4oz evening bottle which she likes to supplement with a full nurse. Most nights that does get her through a good 4-5 hour stretch. I pay for it during the day though with her feeding every 1.5-2 hours. Perhaps that's also related to supply as when I've been able to or needed to pump I rarely get more than 3oz total? But as seen above she is growing like crazy, so it's obvious she's getting what she needs, even if it means she rarely has a decent nap (aka I barely get anything done).

As LT gets older, it's getting more obvious how alike they are. Of the pictures below where they are wearing the same sleeper and on the same pack & play sheet, LO is at 11.5 weeks & LT at 8 weeks, can you tell who is who?

Oh, LT just transferred successfully into the swing of wonder so I'm going to go do something I can only accomplish most effectively with the freedom of two hands: LAUNDRY. lucky me

*If you guessed that LO is on top and LT is on the bottom you'd be right.

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  1. Oh big congratulations. She is adorable. What a great way to see in your new year xx