Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1? Week(s) To Go

This weeks OB visit went well.

I'll let you in on a little secret though...strep swabbing hurts! The OB also did an internal exam - everything was still shut nice and tight, though she did say she thought there was about 30% effacement.

LO came down with a cold the beginning of the week, and ever so thoughtfully shared the germs with me so I've spent today mostly horizontal on the couch hydrating and blowing my nose. I'm hoping to get the infant bucket seat unpacked this weekend, and do some name finalization with DH. For some reason it hasn't seemed quite so urgent this time round, but it is getting down to the wire!

LT has not yet discovered the trick of getting her feet under my ribs, for which I am extremely grateful.  She does like to hang out with her back on the left side though, so I feel pretty constantly lopsided.

DH took LO trick-or-treating - a plan already in place before the germs attacked as I didn't feel like I would be up to so much walking. They weren't out long, despite a potty stop immediately before getting costumed, LO had an urgent need to go. It seemed like she had just as much fun after their return in helping to hand out candy to the those who came to our door - actually the most who came since we moved in two years ago.

Hope your Halloween and weekend were/are all you hoped for!


  1. You're getting so close! Nice to get the cold out of the way now, huh? No sense sneezing and blowing your nose while you try to push out a baby ;)

  2. The best time to catch a cold, or any other germ, is when you're pregnant. Amirite? :-p Hope you're better now, though.