Friday, October 24, 2014

33w 4d (Hooray!)

It was about this day in the last pregnancy (and time! as I type this) that LO made her early arrival.

Not sure that I can fully express how relieved I am at crossing this milestone. I'm actually surprised at the relief I'm feeling, I didn't think I was consciously worried about it. But perhaps with DH being away this week it was more intensified than I realized.

Wednesday's OB appointment thankfully brought no surprises, but I will start weekly appointments given my history. Next appointment the OB is planning to do the strep swab so that will be fun.

Washed the first load of new sleepers today - I had to get some new things, how could I not? I also washed the package of hand mitts I picked up. With the way LT (Little Two) has had her hands at her face in every one of the last ultrasounds I figured it was probably prudent, and a cheap insurance policy if they aren't actually necessary.

DH managed to swap the furniture between the guest rooms, with little help from me, last weekend. He also put the crib up, so apart from figuring out a changing table and deciding what to do about a glider/ottoman, we're in pretty good shape. I finally got the hospital bag mostly packed (3 weeks after finalizing the list, but still) except for a few last minute items and the aforementioned hand mitts & an outfit or two to pick from for going home.  The car seat is still in the box in the garage. Easy enough to unpack/install when the moment comes.

 I'm sleeping poorly. Thank you squashed bladder and post-pee insomnia, & LO who has decided that waking before the sun appears is fun. Weight gain is something like 15-17 pounds depending on which pre-pregnancy weight I go by.  If I'm going to get anything done it's in the morning. Afternoons are couch time. LO is watching way more television than I would like, but I don't have the energy to occupy her with better (less mind-numbing) options.

Trying to enjoy the last few weeks of LO being an only child. Not doing anything special but especially trying to not resent the energy she needs that I don't currently have to give. It's been extra nice finally having the playset up so she can be active and I can sit and watch from the comfort of a deck chair.

Anyway, that's what's going on here. Still taking guesses on arrival!

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  1. Yay! So glad LT is behaving herself. Here's hoping she keeps that up after she's born :)