Thursday, November 6, 2014

5, Count 'Em 5

Another week, another weekly check.

50% effacement
.5-1cm dilated

OB doesn't think things are going to go anywhere in the next week or two. But she's on vacation the week of Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping to deliver before then (or after, but would really prefer before!).

1 more week of progesterone and then I am done, forever and ever, AMEN. Hooray!

I'm starting to waddle. Walking is getting very tiring - ran errands with brief stops at 4 stores after the OB appt. yesterday before picking LO up from preschool and my legs still hurt. Aside from this morning, LO has been waking up before 6AM since the time change which means we all must be awake to entertain her royal pain-in-the-ass-ness. This has reminded me and DH that I don't do well with extended periods of time waking before 6...a not so helpful reminder before we restart sleep deprivation with a newborn!

My pants are either too small in the waist (under belly band) so they start pinching by the end of the day, or too big (over belly "secret" panel) so I spend all day hiking them up. The shirts which worked throughout pregnancy with LO have been overwhelmed by the belly and allow a "smile" of belly to peep out beneath and none of my bras are comfortable, not even the nursing bras which were too big all over when LO stopped.

Did I mention I'm cranky? Oh, you guessed? Huh.

I think we have a strong contenders for first and middle names, finally. I heard my favorite of the narrowed down first names at an OB appointment and decided I didn't like it after all so had to go back and revisit the list. DH hasn't given it a final seal of approval, but did say it had possibility which he hasn't for any other combinations I've proposed.

LO is running around without pants and the TV had been on since 7am-ish until the past 40 minutes, & I just sent her to her room for demanding candy (she chose to have her daily piece immediately after breakfast this morning). Not one of my best parenting days...

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  1. Hang in there! Second pregnancies are rough because you have to cater to child #1 while huge and grumpy. You're almost done!