Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Weeks or Such (depending on who's counting)

Good news from this weeks OB appointment and ultrasound!
  • The previa is G-O-N-E gone! That's a huge weight off my mind, I was having much trouble wrapping my head around the idea of a c-section. It also means the end of pelvic rest, albeit with the condition of condom usage to prevent any semen related start to labor.
  • Fluid levels are still in the acceptable range.
  • Baby is still head down, even stubbornly so when the ultrasound tech tried to push on her head to get a better view of the cervix area.
  • The first two items mean that the next appointment in 2 weeks does not include an ultrasound. Yay! But also boo because it's been very nice seeing the growth on a regular basis.
  • There was no mention of the results from the glucose test so I am assuming all is well there.
Also discussed at the appointment was travel, given my history the OB is not entirely comfortable with my doing so at this point, even to a location with easy access to a very good alternate hospital. So, LO and I stayed home this weekend while DH goes and does some scheduled training. I was debating staying home anyway as there was a high percentage of rain in the forecast but that cinched it.

Plan for the weekend now is to put the majority of stuff together for the hospital bag as I did not have that done in time for LO's birth. I do not want that to happen again! I have already declared next weekend to be the designated time for the room to be organized - but frankly I'm not as invested in that as I am the hospital bag. We all know babies don't really need their own room immediately from the start. The plan for the room is to switch furniture between the two current guest rooms - the room we're going to use as the new nursery has a queen and the other room has a double - switching them will allow more room for the crib & ME a decent sized bed to sleep in since we're not ready to move LO into a larger bed since it's not been that long since she moved into the twin. I also have no big decorating plans - I like the bedding that's currently on the double, and it will work for a girl's room so apart from hopefully finding some wall decals or art, I consider things good. [I have a feeling that this won't be the last thing that's good enough instead of being special, thus is the plight of the 2nd child of the same gender!]

The biggest thing right now is the uncertainty of when this kiddo will make her appearance. I'm not supposed to stop the progesterone until I'm 36 weeks, but the OB said it just keeps things closed up, it won't stop contractions if they start. I guess I'm looking for the happy medium between needing the NICU and going full term. I'd like to make it past Halloween, & the next full moon is 11/5...which would put me at 35 weeks. Of course, DH is scheduled to be across the country when I'm 33 weeks, so that week would be problematic! My mom is already planning to come for part of that week so I shouldn't be completely alone if this babe follows the same schedule as LO.  I do know that I do not want to go full term - I think that would drive me over the edge. 

That said, anyone want to make a guess as to date/time/weight/length? Getting any of the above would be rewarded with bragging rights only! :)

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  1. I'm going to say that I hope you can make it until at least December. You deserve to have an uncomplicated birth - especially given the drama LO put you through the last go-around.
    So no early guesses from me.
    And I feel ya on the whole getting prepared thing - much different this go around for sure.