Monday, August 11, 2014

Blah, blah, blah, bullet points...blah, blah, blah.

  • I can't even begin to properly and fully describe the amount of dust which has been generated thanks to the re-do of our sodding shower. Not only in the bathroom (which was to be expected) but into our bedroom (I have made the bed properly every working day for the past 2 weeks to keep it off our pillows), and through the bedroom into our upper hall to decorate the stair rails. It's astounding.
  • They say the tile work should be done early this week. But then a plumber needs to come out and replace all of the exposed bits with new as the original bits were damaged by exposure to an acid which was supposed to do something to the original grout but only really managed to eat away at the metal in the shower, and some in the rest of the bathroom. So, when we will actually return to using the bathroom and not the one on the other side of the house? I wish I knew. I am assuming at some point before the baby arrives!
  • Ordered proper blackout shades for the windows in LO's and Baby's room. Ones which have a metallic film between the layers so light will only come in around the edges, and no cords for safety's sake.  Both rooms have "blackout"curtains which have not been as room darkening as expected.  LO's room has a double width window and has gone through a blackout roller blind which was too wide to work properly and currently has temporary paper blackout shades which do work well but also do not go up and down easily. Both of which were/are frustrating as sometimes it would be quite helpful to have light actually come into the room.  The Baby's room has been a guest room so has not had supplemental blinds to the blackout curtains but more darkening power will be necessary as it is an east facing room and I don't do early mornings (well, I know there will be some, but hopefully they won't be thanks to sunlight)! ( have been awesome on both products and pricing - we also got the motorized solar shades for our breakfast area and family room from there)
  • Did I mention we put up room darkening roman shades in our room to hide behind our curtains (remade from the bedroom curtains at the old house and never as room darkening as envisioned) a while back? Those replaced temporary paper blackout shades which had been up for long enough that the black part of the paper, facing into the room, had faded almost entirely. (Here I went with el-cheapo non-custom roman shades from JCPenney since they will not get much, if any, movement. They work great, but stank up the room for the first few weeks.)
  • Once the shower of doom (TM) is finally completed I'm going to start LO back up on swim lessons. We spent less than an hour in the pool yesterday and 75% of the time DH and I were trying to get her to swim properly - not even the promise of getting to jump off the diving board if she made it across the pool (which I know she can totally do since she was able to swim that distance at a lesson) made a difference - it's just no fun to be in the pool with her since she's confident enough to get herself into but not skilled enough to get herself out of potentially hazardous situations.
  • Grocery store run today included: 3 boxes of ice cream sandwiches, 1 tub of ice cream, & half a dozen yogurts (plus other things). Cashier didn't bother to ask if I wanted paper or plastic & then huffed when I asked for paper after she had started filling plastic so I ended up with plastic in paper. Gee, thanks, I really appreciate having yet more plastic bags around to have to figure out how to recycle. And damp ones from the sweating of the cold items in the humid summer air, at that.
  • Now DH wants me to go look at the spacing on some of the tiles installed today. He's not happy...and I'm at the point where all I want to do is shout "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care!" (courtesy of John Cusack in "America's Sweethearts") and let it be d-o-n-e DONE. 
Also, RIP Robin Williams.  And sadness for Aly of breathegently whose fears were realized instead of allayed. Holding them in my heart tonight.

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