Friday, August 15, 2014

Anatomy Ultrasound, Take 2

To answer the burning question...


Also heart looks good, partial previa has moved slightly away but is still within the no fly zone.

Frustratingly, the OB is now concerned about the amniotic fluid level being low so I am scheduled to go back on Thursday for another ultrasound (at a different location as all appointments were booked at my normal office), and will see the OB again on Friday morning to discuss the results.  In the meantime, I am to drink an additional 1.5 LITERS of water/gatorade/fluids daily, and spend at least 90 minutes after dinner hanging out on my left side (the latter I've already been doing - I have resumed pre-bedtime naps in front of the tv on the couch while in that position as well as sleeping predominantly on that side).

So that's the news of the day.

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