Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breech Baby, Breech Baby Give Me a Hand

We went in yesterday for the big anatomy scan.  As you might have guessed from the title baby was hanging out in the breech position. Head up towards my ribs, legs tucked against the stomach, and there was no moving him/her from that apparently oh so comfy position.

Stubborn. Like his/her sister is now at age 4, not the same sister who was much more cooperative for the same scan.

Ultrasound tech expressed that she was fairly certain the baby is a girl, but without getting a full frontal view to check for any dangly bits (my wording, not hers) she wouldn't/couldn't say for 100% sure.  Luckily, -ish I'll take what I can get, the tech was also unable to get all the measurements and pictures she needed thanks to baby's positioning so back we'll go in two weeks for another try.

I plan to give the little bugger a stern talking to about being more cooperative in the future.

We also got the news that my placenta is a couple of millimeters within the no-fly zone around the cervix so we're on (hopefully temporary) pelvic rest until a recheck of position at the next appointment. I need to do some research on this...{scurries away to do so}...okay, so it looks like what might be going on is a marginal previa so the OB is hoping that it will move up and away over time and not be an issue going forward.  If it doesn't then it looks like a c-section is standard practice.  Not feeling great about that!

Overall though, I am feeling much better over all. Less cramping/pain in my lady-bits after being on my feet for a while, though my feet are now starting to hurt some.  More energy - or at least it feels like I would have some if LO would go back to sleeping or being quiet until 7 as she had been before we shook things up by staying at the in-laws for a week while some of our wood floors were torn out, new ones installed and finished. 

In other news, this week began what is hopefully the conclusion of our never-ending remodeling project: the tear out and retiling of our shower. Hadn't planned to redo the whole thing but one thing led to another and before we knew it, our only option was to keep moving forward. And keep spending money.  Our remodeling contractor is as ready to be done with us as we are to be done with them!

LO is pretty much fulfilling every stereotype of the fucking fours. And I can't drink. This timing sucks!

Stay tuned for hopefully more conclusive news in the next couple of weeks...

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