Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting 2014 (Can I get a do over?)

Bullet points, mostly because that's the way it feels like things are hitting me today...
  • DH was sick over the weekend...low fever, aches, chills, slight nausea.  Still felt bad enough to stay home today.
  • Dog started limping the end of last week. Over the weekend it got worse and by Sunday evening she wouldn't put weight on the leg and was gimping around on 3. Today's vet diagnosis? Blown ACL. Otherwise in good spirits/health so we're looking at a not insignificant cost to repair that, at least enough so that she can function on 4 legs instead of 3. Whee.
  • This morning decided to wear a pair of shoes I've had for 8-10 years because they are comfy and had soles thick enough to keep my feet out of puddles left by today's rain. Walking through Wal-Mart after the vet visit it felt like something was wrong with the way my foot was fitting in one so I wiggled my foot a bit and went on my way without looking at the shoe.  Then in the parking lot both feet were getting wet, and when I finally looked at the shoes the soles of both had cracked clean through at the balls of my feet & the shoe that had felt funny had chunks out of the heel.  How classy is it to have your shoes fall apart in Wal-Mart?!
  • LO has been flipping between her good and bad selfs with little provocation.  Today she was being good until without any provocation she came up behind me and bit me on the ASS hard enough to leave a good mark even through the denim of my jeans.
Oh, 2014, I had such high hopes for you....

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  1. How can you make me sad AND laugh at the same time?! (The ass-biting, the shoes... both of those qualify as something that would happen to ME lol)

    2013 gave tips to 2014, I think. The new year plays rough too. Little bastard.

    Get better, DH, or the Farting Teddy Bear will pay you a house call.