Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm Curious!

I was doing laundry today and while my mind was wandering it settled upon the question of what rules other people follow for wearing clothes more than once. 

For example, I pretty much draw the line at wearing anything but bottoms (such as jeans/shorts/etc.) and bras more than once. Jeans only get 2 wears and, well, embarrassingly enough, bras get worn somewhere between 5-7 times before washing, depending on how warm and sweaty I've gotten.  Also, nightgowns get changed when I change the sheets on our bed, so that varies.

 When I met DH he was wearing polo shirts more than once, without an undershirt. Let me tell you, even if he hung them up between wearings and hadn't sweated in them, his skin oils still left an odor (or developed an odor between wearings).  Pee-eeew!  That habit got broken as soon as I started doing his laundry, thank goodness!  Now he only wears shirts once, and follows the same rules as I do for jeans and nightwear.

What about you, what are your rules for wearing clothes more than once & do all the adults in your household follow them or do they have their own rules?

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  1. If a bra passes the sniff test, that bad boy gets another go.