Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Over and Out

That's what the trans-vag ultrasound, internal exam, and urine test at the ob/gyn's office confirmed.

The hardest, most ironic thing?  The last time I was in that building was the day I had the ultrasound at the RE's office when we saw LO's heartbeat for the first time.  That was a good memory.  Today, not so much.

Guess it's time to stuff the genie of hope and wanting back into his damn bottle and re-set the clock on getting myself over the dream of having more than one child.


  1. So it was a chemical? :-(
    Anyway, I am SO SORRY, so sorry your hopes got dashed down. I was so happy for you, you must be crushed... I do not have words to tell you how sorry I am. actually, I do, but they are all foul and addressed to the stupid universe pulling stupid pranks on you.

    1. Chemical or early M/C. No way to differentiate. Feel free to address the f'n universe on my behalf in as many languages as it takes to thoroughly complete the job. :) I love your comments on May's posts BTW - if anyone deserves to have good luck this week it's her!

  2. I'm so sorry. What hard news. You have my sincerest sympathies.

  3. AWW, Man! That sucks! Very disappointed and sending a big hug your way.

  4. Don´t think that just because you have one child you can´t ask for a second one. If you want one more it´s the same amount longing as it was with the first. But it´s a different king of longing.
    Not sure longing is a word, hopefully it os or you understand what I mean anyway.
    It´s the same loss but your life has one more dimension. You grief one and you are happy when looking at the girl you do have, you grief, you smile and so on.
    I´m so sad I lost my baby yesterday and so glad to be a mom to the ones I have. Two dimensions.