Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And so...Nevermind.

 Final Edit: I believe chunks are a bad sign. Guess I'll be changing that appointment back to an annual visit. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK
  • DH has been told and took it about as well as I was expecting, which is to mean he was in a similar state of how did this happen and what now and there go our plans for a nice vacation next spring (me, internally: dammit, I knew we should have just gone this past spring)
  • The OB/GYN appointment has been changed from a new patient yearly checkup to an intro OB appointment with ultrasound scheduled for 8/20.
  • I'm starting to make a list of things as they pop in my head. You know, for when things are really confirmed and all.  So much can happen in the next 4 weeks, not to mention 9 months. 
  • Gah.

TMI: light pink discharge at last wipe...feels like I'm on the down slope of a roller coaster.


  1. Oh hon. I am so sorry. So many hugs. xx

  2. Fuck. FUCK. I so did not want to read this...