Monday, September 3, 2012

In this case, no news is blech news.

-Living with the in-laws while the mortgage company gets their carp together to allow us to close.  Actually we’re going with plan B since plan A exploded in a shower of ‘Oh hey, those promises we made last week about being able to do x, y, & z and allow you to close on the 4th? We’re not actually going to keep them and it’s actually going to be closer to a month from now…’  The second company is making all the right noises about acceleration and rush and sooner vs. later but we still don’t know with any certainty when we’ll actually be able to close.  We’re hoping for this coming Friday.  Especially since DH’s birthday is over the weekend – wouldn’t that make a fantastic present from them to him?!
-The mortgage situation meant that all the plans we had in place for utilities, delivery of our household goods, and so forth all had to be adjusted at almost the last minute.  This is annoying but fairly easy to deal with, even if it does add an extra $1500 to our moving costs.  Of course, when we went to the house on Friday (when our stuff was originally supposed to be delivered) the staging company had yet to remove their items from the house.  Had all of that still been there while our stuff was being offloaded it would have been a real mess.  I just hope it disappears tomorrow since our stuff WILL be delivered on Wednesday even if we can’t close or live there yet. 
-Yesterday it all fell apart for me.  Between LO asking to go “home” to the house we went to the wire on selling (freakin’ evil agent on the other side facilitating potential issues to possibly cost us the sale because we didn’t choose her to list the house), the uncertainty of when we’ll be able to get into the new house, the stress of living in someone else’s house, and just feeling like a horrible mother I spent the better part of the afternoon either crying or feeling like I wanted to cry.
-The in-laws have been nothing but gracious about the three of us and the three animals taking over their house and asking for days in a row of child care while DH and I dealt with the final days of emptying our house and now deal with the timing of who knows when we’ll be able to move into the new house.  Regardless, I’m damn sure that we’ll all be happier when we can go back to living our lives separately!
-And, by the way, the stress of all this is apparently screwing with my reproductive system.  After a long (for me) cycle followed by a short (for me) cycle, this cycle should have been back to normal (for me), and yet here it is 2 days past the day I expected my period to start and it hasn’t.  I’m blaming it on stress but the crying yesterday and exhaustion today (LO was up at 6!30!AM! & I dozed for an hour or more on the sofa after other adults finally got up) makes me wonder though I’m not going to do anything until it’s been a week.  There’s no worse irony than POAS and realizing your period has started in the same trip to the bathroom.  Besides I don’t really want to do that in my in-laws bathroom and have that box in the trash my FIL takes to the dump.
-In other fun news, the refrigerator we finally settled on and ordered today is apparently out of stock at the warehouse and can’t be delivered until the 20th.  Until then we’ll be using my BIL’s dorm fridge (he’s not been in college for several years).  This should prove interesting in the most realistic sense of the Chinese wish of living in ‘interesting times.’
-I wish I was writing with a more exciting update of more good things than this barrage of blech.  We’re all stressed, LO included and it’s just making life not so much fun right now.  Please keep your fingers crossed that the mortgage company keeps their promises of speed and that we all make it through without something going kablooey between us!  We'd much rather be in a house with debt than be technically homeless and debt-free.


  1. I keep my fingers crossed for it all to be over soon. It's quite nice to have a home of your own where you can pee on whatever you want. :-) I hope you get a positive. Wouldn't it be nice? :-)
    Patience, my dear, that is what I wish you, loads of patience. And luck. The good kind.

  2. Are we living parallel lives? For real?! Dealing w/the same issues over here and I've got like 100,000 work and school issues on top of it. Hope you close soon. Limbo sucks.

    PS - are we FB friends yet? I can't remember ....