Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, except for the minor detail of our agent having not yet received the signed paperwork.  Our agent is reviewing the signed paperwork.

Details, if anyone is interested:
-on over 2 acres, backing up to a state park, about 1.5 of those acres are cleared. DH is already making noises about a bigger, better lawn mower.
-just over 6000 sq ft
-currently 6 bedrooms; we'll probably use 1 as a play room / my office since it's right off the kitchen, 1 for DH's workout equipment, 1 for us, 1 for LO, & 2 guest rooms.
-DH gets his study near the kitchen/family room
-the backyard has a huge pool with a diving board(!) & large surround; the deck from the house leading to it needs to be replaced & reworked to have proper gating for LO's safety.
-granite counters in all full baths & the kitchen.
-freshly painted, new carpets
-3 car garage with cabinets on 3 walls.
-tons of other built-in cabinets throughout the house; this is good because there's not much unfinished storage because
-the walk-up attic is mostly finished with a secret door from a desk area (which may become my craft/wrapping center) into two more finished rooms.

We are having the master bedroom repainted from grey (which is lovely for other people, just not us) to probably a nice light brownish taupe, and the front door painted red from black. The reason I want a red door? So the wreath really pops at Christmas. It's a little thing but it's important to me.

We are also replacing all the appliances with stainless.  There's black now and I'd be okay with them, but DH wants stainless even though he does very little in the kitchen. So we'll upgrade!  We're also replacing the kitchen faucet with the same model we currently have & love.

There are a few more other items which will allow us to mimic some of the amenities of our current house: tv locations, door handles, etc.

Strangely for what is a very nice house, the original owners did not install a central vacuum, so I'm going to have to buy a vacuum.  (Any suggestions since I got rid of our last vacuums when we moved into our current house?) There's plenty of other things I'd like to buy up front as the size of our house is effectively doubling(!) but with increased square footage come increased costs so decorating will have to be a work in progress as we settle in and figure out exactly what items are needed.

Speaking of costs, we're getting an incredible deal on this house given its size & amenities.

It may not be our dream house, but it's going to be very comfortable for us for the next 5-10 years, and then we will reevaluate things like location, schools, etc.



  1. House sounds great! So glad you found what you want.

    My suggestion on the vacuum is to get a Dyson. We adore ours. It can be heavy, but it is actually not too bad to carry, and it rolls very well. We have two dogs and two cats along with our toddler, so it can get a workout!

  2. Holy moly! Sounds like a palace! So excited for you. Hopefully you can post pictures soon. I just bought a Dyson Animal...too early to recommend 100% (especially since our house cleaner is who uses it, not me), but it seems good. Got a new one on eBay for about $100 less than the retail price.

  3. Oh wow, sounds awesome, especially the backyard. (Um, can I move in?) Also, I love a good brightly colored front door!

  4. Dude, huge congratulations! I have been tied up in a zillion things, and had no time for comments, but this is huge, I am very happy for you and after that I am very envious. :-)