Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nope, still not in the new house.

  • ·        Still with the in-laws – we may close Friday but have yet to receive confirmation.  I am seriously over this.  Every time we think they’ve gotten enough information they call and ask for more.  It’s freaking ridiculous!

  • ·        When our furniture was delivered, of course the staging furniture was still there.  Turns out the sellers agent is the father to someone the removal crew is good friends with.  Why did we have to have another angry agent on the other side? (Oh, in ha ha that’s not really funny news: the selling agent for our old house called our listing agent to ask us how to work the security system.  Apparently their age is deceiving, as they are as clueless as teens – actually teens could probably figure it out without having to ask for help.)  Anyway, the furniture didn’t end up coming out until the following Friday and I had to be there to tell the removal crew what was our stuff and what was theirs.  LO didn’t get a nap until after 3:30 that day. It was not good times.

  • ·        Still no period, and the test I finally purchased and took over the weekend while the in-laws were away (a full week after Auntie Flo should have shown up) says in clear Ariel letters: Not Pregnant.  My body is clearly fucking with me since I now seem to have CM ala ovulation time and am bloated to hell. 

·        Anyone have good news to share? I sure could use some!

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