Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Christmas Card Hop

Okay, so no hopping, but it sounded good to me in the title.

I'm working on updating the mailing list for the cards, in Excel, yes, so I can be speedy about getting them in the mail once we get either a picture with Santa (the 1st try this year - so ugly it wasn't worth getting even one picture!!!), or decide on an alternate picture option.

And as I was updating addresses and changes to families I realized that, hey, there were 5 new babies last year in my circle of friends and family. Three years ago that would have depressed me.

But since Little One surprised us and since we're not currently trying...I'm okay with that. That said, if it happens again next year and we're trying (that's a discussion for January) without successes, I might find it a tad more depressing.

I'll try to get back here again before the 25th, but if I don't manage it:

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

May your nights be silent and the calories of the season stay off your hips.

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