Friday, November 18, 2011

Mish-Mash Slap-Dash

And bullets (once again)...

  • Little One is fighting a cold. Which translates into fighting everything from having her nose wiped to diaper changes to napping to getting dressed*. She's SUPER when we're out in public, but honestly, I don't really enjoy the monster she turns back into we return home. So, we go out in public for both our sakes after her nap.
  • Ah yes, the nap. Why is it that I believed everyone and the books when they said one nap is great? They obviously missed out on the child for whom dropping a nap just means the remaining nap remains the same length. This means one nap anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours, but generally stays on the shorter end of that spectrum. Frankly, I miss an earlier AM nap because the later AM/early PM nap means I have to get up earlier in order to shower before she wakes up or I don't get a shower until half the day is gone and really don't feel like trying to accomplish anything until that point.
  • On the cute side, I made Campbell's chicken noodle condensed soup for LO yesterday (This is love as the stuff makes me gag.) and she learned how to say noodle. (noo-dah) Also says wa-wa for water and buh-bye, and makes the sounds for animals instead of calling them by name (woof, meow, bah, moo, bzz, hoo {owl}).
  • I have agreed to bake 12 DOZEN (yes, 144 cookies) for a cookie exchange. Gingerbread at that so it's not even as simple as glopping a lump of dough on the sheet and throwing it in the oven. And YOU KNOW that DH will be seriously unhappy with all of those cookies leaving the house even with the promised return of 11 dozen cookies of various types coming back in. So that means I'll be making at least one extra batch, if not two for his stomach (since with his pickyness he may not touch any of the others).
  • Which brings me to the realization I had last weekend while visiting the in-laws and celebrating an early Thanksgiving with DH's side of the family that everyone is coming to us for Christmas once again which means I'm in charge of all the cooking...or at least delegating once I have planned the menu. At least there will be cookies.
  • Next week DH is taking off work and planning to do projects around the house. I'm hoping I'll be able to leave LO with him on Monday or Tuesday so I can go to work and actually accomplish 100% instead of the 50% or less that occurs with LO there. Wednesday I'm driving to Richmond in the morning to meet my parents and transfer my Grandmother as she won't fit in the car with LO, the dog, and all of the stuff we haul with us when we head up to the mountain as we travel to my parent's house on Thursday (followed by spending the weekend on the mountain).

But today I'm meeting a friend at Starbucks to take advantage of the BOGO from 2-5 and catch up before the crazy begins. Yay!

*Please don't burst my bubble and tell me this is normal 16 month old behavior. I need the light at the end of this horrible tunnel!

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  1. Oh, the home monster, I know THAT very well. And why is it that they get super squirmy when the poo is more and squishier? WHY?
    George learned the 'arms up' and 'feet up' routine of getting dressed/undressed and is cooperant most of the times. Once he heard me tell my grannie over the phone how he helps me get him dressed and when he heard arms up, he began walking towards me with his arms up. I had to take off something just to keep up the good behaviour... :-) but when he doesn 't want to, it sounds like I break him into pieces and fit them all one by one inside the clothes.
    Hats off to you, cookie baker! You are brave and valiant.
    Hope you have a good holiday and a great time with family!