Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Starred Items

I just dumped over 160? posts that had been languishing in my starred items for weeks, months, years.

And you know what? I feel okay. A little sad that I didn't make the effort to comment in a timely manner as I had intended when I starred those posts to come back to later, but by now many of the situations have resolved. For those which have not, commenting on a earlier post just felt weird.

In those posts there were pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, and other records of the ups and downs of the lives of many people I've never met in person. Some were even the last posts written on what seem to be blogs gone dormant, waiting for the next life-event trigger to be revived.

Anyway. I'm sure that despite my best intentions in the future, those starred posts will again accumulate. So for that, I do apologize in advance for my lack of timeliness and/or the proper words to communicate my thoughts and please be assured that the lack of comments is not due to your content.

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