Sunday, October 23, 2011


I need to vent...

We were supposed to go with DH to Wintergreen since he was working the Tough Mudder this weekend (providing medical care), only Little One popped a 101+ fever on Thursday so she and I ended up staying here instead, and I so so so look forward to the weekends to get some break since DH hardly sees her during the week thanks to his work schedule, but I know after this weekend, when he gets home he's going to be too tired to really do much (which means I feel bad asking him) which means of course that Monday comes without any sort of a break for me (of course had we gone with I wouldn't have gotten a break either, but that's beside the point).


I know lots of people have it worse, but I'm really feeling the constant care (plus transition to 1 nap which is running closer to just an hour than I would prefer and doesn't start until between 10 and 11 usually so I'm in my night clothes until I can take a shower) is affecting me negatively - shorter fuse, more yelling, less effort.

Plus, it's sure not helping that Little One screams (in the key of bloody murder for anywhere from 5-20 minutes) herself to sleep every time I put her down for a nap, for the night, or even if she wakes up in the middle of the night which makes me feel like the worst Mom ever for not being able to get her to sleep either quietly or with a minimum of fuss. I'm glad she doesn't need me to be there to help her to sleep, I just wish she would be more quiet about it, or at least not sound like she's in physical pain.

Phew. Back to toddler supervision it is!


  1. I hear ya...
    Sometimes it's just hard and I wanna hide under a rock and come back later. And then it goes away and the next hard moment comes. Thank God for good moments though. But the hard ones, yuck...

  2. Yikes. I hear ya, Aidan's been teething for what feels like forever and it's been a lot more work to keep him from freaking out or being disobedient. Sigh. I'm exhausted.

  3. OMG, we're in the 'scream yourself to sleep' stage again ourselves. It went away for the longest time, but it's back again now with a vengeance. Plus my dear naps-two-hours-every-single-day child quit napping cold turkey just weeks after we brought the baby home. I no longer have any downtime for myself these days. One (or both!) of my kids need me at any given moment of the day. I know it's rude, but when my husband walks in from work, he's taking one of them off my hands RIGHT NOW thankyouverymuch.

    So I totally feel for you on all points and you're a better woman than me for handling it all with grace.