Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's Up with the 15+ Month Old?

Bullet dump...

  • If you're following the twitter feed, Little One managed to poop on the floor this evening. She was enjoying some naked time post-bath, and I was enjoying not fighting the power struggle of diapering her immediately. But, I smelled something, found a nugget, fought the diaper fight, and shortly after that she soiled that diaper but good. I'm SO glad I caught that in time!
  • One of the things I was doing while she wandered naked as a cloud (lonely / naked, whatever), was changing her crib sheet since it looked like she'd drooled/sweated/something on it pretty heavily at some time since it was last changed a week or so ago. As part of that effort, I was adjusting the skirt on the crib (which now tends to bunch on the floor thanks to the mattress being at the lowest level), and I noticed that what I had thought was a reflection of the pinky-red skirt on the carpet was actually a dye transfer where Little One had drooled over the edge of the crib (probably from chewing on the front rail) and it had soaked the skirt enough to transfer to the carpet below. Super!
  • The diaper power struggle? No fun. Tho' Little One does an impressive Yoga Bridge Pose. I'm almost exclusively changing her on the bed in her room instead of the dresser top with the changing pad since she reacts better there and if she does scoot away from me, and slips over the edge, the fall is less. She will still put up with the changing station on her play yard, mostly, but the dining room table provides an alternate location when needed.
  • Words...mama, dada, (ba)nana, doggie, woof, meow, hi, star, lastly and most awfully....NO. And yes, she does say no even when she does want something, so I get the fun of re-offering the item in question to see if she will accept it or not even as she is saying no. I'm trying to use other words and redirect her so she hears it coming less from my mouth in the hopes that she will use it less. (This is probably a futile effort, but I figure it's worth a try.)
  • At her 15 month visit, she had held steady at 24ish pounds, and shot up to 32+-ish inches. Her thigh chubs are starting to disappear. :( She's in 18 and 24 month clothing, depending on the manufacturer and item (def. 18 in pants, but 24 month shirts are a little easier to get on) and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  • I am amazed on a regular basis that she has caught up so well from being a preemie. Perhaps a few delays on the verbal side (her younger male friends seem much more verbal), but that scale is pretty wide, so I'm not horribly distressed yet.
  • I continue to be so glad that I attended the 3x weekly breastfeeding group held at the local hospital as Little One and I continue to get together with the closer friends we met there once a week to two weeks, and I run into other mom's I got to know in passing there on at least a monthly basis.
  • Little One and I are enjoying the weekly Music Class which started in September and goes through November. I haven't met anyone new in the class to befriend, though I did find out one of the other moms was a year ahead of me at the same college and major, so that was a bit small worldish (she has 3 kids, the youngest of whom is in the class. The realization of how far ahead she was than I in the parenting department hit me a bit harder than I would have anticipated). And again, thanks to the breastfeeding group I was already familiar with two moms in there (one is a close friend, the other I knew in passing).
  • And not to brag (but of course I am) almost every time we go out in public, someone has to comment on her blond curls or how cute she is. It's almost enough to give me a swelled head. I mean, I think she's pretty darn adorable, but it's nice to hear it from people who have no reason to say so.
  • DH, Little One and I went out to the pumpkin patch last weekend and had a lot of fun enjoying the beautiful weather (despite the crazy wind). She got to see chickens and pigs and lots of different kinds of pumpkins, wander through a small corn maze (a maize maze, ha ha ha) and rode in two different kinds of wagons for the first time. We skipped the hay ride and pumpkin tossing, but did check out the kids play area (in the far right background of the photo below).

The wind blew her curls out. Usually she has sausage ringlets across her forehead and crazy hairs sticking out all over the place.

I guess that's all for now. Stay tuned for the next edition...when hopefully I'll have more to talk about than Little One. (This weekend there's a Tough Mudder at Wintergreen and DH is volunteering as part of the medic-corps...that should provide some good content!)

Oh, and if you were wondering, the second mole removal (the remainder of one of the first moles removed) came back just fine, so back to my yearly dermatologist check-ins without worry it is.


  1. She IS a cutie pie! And the little tongue sticking out... :-))

    George is 14 mo and still says only mama, dada and igglepiggle. He does talk in babylese, and gets frustrated that I do not understand everything he says (ok, I understand nothing, but he doesn't need to know that), and the doc said that I should not worry abou the lack of words, they will come when it's their time to come. I was so happy about this piece of advice, I am gladly passing it along.

  2. My DD didn't say 10 words at her 24 month about panic/worry! My ped said give her to 30 months then we'll discuss speech therapy. She also said the kids that have the late language explosion usually start in full sentences. At 29 (!) months, DD burst completely full sentences from day 1. Aad we haven't stopped talking since:)..Also, I live down here too and was wondering where that patch it Hunt Club Farms in VBch?

  3. Julie - we're on the other side of the water. This was Holly Forks Pumpkin Patch in Barhamsville, west of W'burg (exit 227 off 64 if that helps place it for you).