Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irene Recap

We survived. Minimal landscaping damage. A bit of water damage in the house thanks to the blowing rains, but we caught the drips before the puddles could cause further damage, and one of the shutters on Little One's windows blew off. All very annoying but dealable.

Bigger annoyance was the loss of power and the electric company's piss poor ability to project and/or maintain schedule of return. Connected to the loss of power was loss of phone/tv/internet...I didn't know what to do with myself! Luckily I had a 13.5 month old to keep me busy most of the days.

After Isabel (while our house was under construction), we put in the wiring and gas line for a large enough generator to run 50-60% of the house functions. This means if we watch circuits, the upstairs AC can run, the refrigerator and freezer circuits are powered and other things like lights and the hot water heater can be used. So, despite the loss of power, we weren't exactly roughing it from Saturday approx. 1:30pm to Wednesday approx. 7:30pm.

The biggest, most horrible thing: the house on the Outer Banks where we were to be vacationing next week was damaged enough by flooding that we will not be able to stay there. Not horribly, all very fixable, but things like the water heater and possibly HVAC system need to be replaced and that's not going to happen by this weekend. Not to mention the debris/dirt/ remaining standing water filling the yard.

So we are a bit adrift about what we will do instead. Since DH is at the point where he needs to get away and relax or explode, I'd like to prevent that. Unfortunately his analytical engineer mind isn't so good about going with the flow which makes last-minute alternate plans a hard thing to enjoy. And he has certain ideas about what he will and will not do, along with the part of him that doesn't want to spend the money. Trying to figure this out is a real JOY. ::eyes roll so hard they're going to stick that way::

If anyone has any suggestions for last minute but ultimately relaxing (do nothing) destinations, I gladly welcome them!!!


  1. Hi there! You should come up to DC. Tons to see and do. Or maybe Chesapeake Beach. Good luck! Sorry about your house at the OBX - that really sucks!

    Hey! Wait! You could also check out Myrtle Beach.

  2. Not that coming to visit where a newborn is would be great... and a long drive, but Missouri is fun! It's still hot, so the lakes are great! We live about an hour north of Branson, and Table Rock lake is there (super clean), and we can baby sit while you and him go out to dinner/shows! Just a thought :) haha! (but seriously, the drive will kill you!)