Monday, September 19, 2011

Damn Sunroof (or why you shouldn't let other people drive your car...)

For you understand where this comes from, a bit of back story: We went on vacation Labor Day week and my parents stayed at our house with Little One (btw: it was bliss to just be adults for a week instead of parents). It just so happens that the annual State inspection on my vehicle was due in August. With one thing and another, despite plenty of nagging from DH, it didn't get done. So I asked my parents if they would be willing to take the car in while they were here.

No problem. They got it done. For which I am very grateful.

Except that today when I got gas I happened to be at the one station in town with a good touch-free car wash and decided to run it through since it had been a long while since the car had been washed by anything other than rain. As the pre-wash started, I happened to look up and saw some drips ease their way around the edges of the interior panel which covers the sunroof when it's not in use.

Yep, somehow in the week since we've been home, even while driving around, I missed that the sunroof had been left in the tilted open position. I'll take the hit, I didn't explain the home-link system of garage door openers to one potential driver thinking that the other potential driver whom has driven the car plenty and previously used the opener system would fill the other driver in. You see, there are three door opener buttons next to the sunroof toggle in the front ceiling of the vehicle. The driver (who shall not be named) thought they were (a) related to the open position of the sunroof, and (b) thought that pushing the sunroof toggle all the way forward shut the roof; which is incorrect - that is the setting for the tilt position. Shut all the way is in some amorphous area between all the way forward and all the way back.

So, of course, by the time I realized this issue needed to be corrected, plenty of water had accumulated on the panel and seeped around the edges, and started to pour out on me as I was attempting to rectify it with additional water coming down in the car wash. Thank goodness I keep a cloth diaper burp rag in the diaper bag or I and the interior of the vehicle would have been even wetter than we ended up. And now, in the garage, the sunroof and several windows are open to allow the remaining dampness to dry, hopefully without the additional fun of mildew.

Furthermore, I am reconsidering my desire to have a sunroof in vehicles here on out. Based on the actual usage vs. idealized usage and now this, I'm beginning to think they aren't really worth it!*

*I do realize that they are hard to avoid since they do tend to get lumped in with other comfort features like heated seats and auto-dimming rear view mirrors which I do still very much want.


  1. Well, it could have been worse. But also it would have been great if it didn't happen at all.