Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update on DH's excitement, and other things.

So those mysterious "things which may come to fruition" I referred to in the last post - that's because I didn't remember that I had already mentioned it. Sigh. Mommy brain sucks!

Anyway, he finally got a call yesterday to do a phone interview next week. Cue renewed excitement on his part. I'd actually started to put it to the back of my mind, so now I'm back to letting the stress about it percolate a bit when it catches me unawares.

But what else fun is going on? We've dropped Little One's crib to the lowest level. She's able to push herself on her kiddie car (steering is yet to be mastered). Today she pushed her corn popper toy for the first time on her own - I've given it to her before but today she grabbed it.

The really big new fun thing is to climb up the stairs and also onto the furniture, but she hasn't mastered getting off properly, so either she has to be rescued or she accidentally slips off and cries from the surprise.

Less nice for me (as chief cook and bottle washer) is that Little One, who used to love bananas, will no longer eat them. And instead of chowing down happily on black beans will now only pick at them. So much for a couple of the easy travel friendly dining options!

I tried one of the Gerber graduates meals recently (purchased to have on hand for either a night when dinner snuck up on us, or for eating out) and that was soundly rejected as well. If I let her, she would eat dairy 3 meals and both snacks a day. On the bright side, most other fruits are still happily chomped down, as are a broad spectrum of veggies. The only reason I would even consider multiple dairy-based meals per day is that protein is the hardest thing to get into the girl. Deli turkey (Boars Head Ovengold - which is pretty good for deli meat) and peanut butter are tolerated but chicken chunks, beef (ground or chunks), and fish (non-breaded) are of no interest. She won't even eat spaghetti sauce with ground beef in it.

I'm open to any suggestions since I'm hoping to get everyone eating together at some point and I don't want to be cooking and serving two meals unless I know our meal is something she has tried and won't eat!

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  1. I wish I had suggestions. Apparently, George likes to keep me on my toes and everytime he refuses what I give him and I have to promptly come up with something else.
    If he eats what we eat, and I plan accordingly, then he won't have anything I offer and I have to spoon feed him some of his purees. If I just give him puree whatever, he wails as if I was burning him and drools at every bite I have, and subsequently gobbles down whatever I give him literally from my mouth.
    It is getting old. One more week and we're back to routine. And then in three weeks, creche starts. And I am just NOT ready for that.