Sunday, August 7, 2011

And then...I saw DH more excited than in a very long time

Work's been kicking his ass recently (see prior post re: 2/3 life at work...), and the mega huge project that's been eating his time will be ending in the next 6 months (hopefully!), and that means he's not sure what's next for him at work. After all the excitement of this big project, thinking about going back to what he was hired to do just feels like a let down or something.

For my part, I've been imagining him getting home at a reasonable hour so maybe we could try eating dinner as a family, more time together, extra energy to get to some of the projects around the house which have been backing up, perhaps even going for #2....all very good things.

Thanks to the level of work related frustration (big project=big issues) which has built up, he was doing a quick job search last night and found a position that has him giddy up and over the moon with the possibilities.

Where is it? Back in my hometown, where we met, where I said I don't want to move back because it's gotten too big, too congested, too not like the place where I grew up.

Thing is, I have to admit it'd be a pretty great position for him - and it would still allow him to be home for dinner, more time together as a family, all the items I mentioned above - but GAH! the moving back to the place I didn't want to move back to.

So, while he's been working on updating his resume, putting together a cover letter, and completing the annoyingly tedious online application, in an effort to wrap my mind around the possibility that we could be leaving the house I (mostly) love, the town I've finally made friends in, and the outlet shopping conveniently nearby, I decided to look at the housing possibilities.

And managed to narrow it down from 180+ to oh somewhere in the neighborhood of 25, some of which need serious TLC (of course it's the one I really like!), and some of which just need a coat of paint or new kitchen counters and/or a slap of paint on the cabinets. (Formica tops and oak cabinets were apparently really popular in the area. ::shudder::) And one needs a garage since it appears to have been turned into living space. (Why do people do this?)

I guess cross your fingers, but I'm not sure for what. It's nice to see him so excited by possibility, you know? But it's not so nice having the knot in my stomach thanks to how the possibility could affect me. (Just the thought of moving, even if it was to be merely within town, puts a knot in my stomach. Add in all the other negatives and, ouch! There are some positives, like already mostly knowing the area, schools, shopping, etc. and having my parents in town, but that last one's a double edged sword, KWIM?)

It's not like it's out of the blue that we would move, we've been talking about it for a while, but somehow this just seems more real, probably because it really would be necessary, not just convenient, and probably within the next few months not at some point in the future if all goes well for DH.

Hold me!


  1. That all sounds a bit familiar. It's no coincidence that my blogging and bicycle riding activity dropped off sharply right about the same time as my company was acquired. I got shifted to a struggling project that required a substantially larger chunk of my time and energy. Stress levels increased; personal creativity... way down.

    Also not coincidentally, my bride and I started having more serious conversation about trying to move farther north to be closer to our aging parents - and to the rest of our family, since we're not getting any younger either. No movement on that front, but I just got a favorable performance review and have recently been shifted to working from home... so there's no reason I couldn't do the same job pretty much anywhere in the country. And yet, as you suggest, there are mixed feelings.

    Good luck to you guys, how ever it works out.