Monday, August 22, 2011

More Thoughts About 'It'

Heads up to any male/squeamish readers...TMI on the bodily functions may follow.

So, if the past two cycles are any indication, Auntie Flo is due for a visit on Wednesday. And all signs point towards that regularity continuing: Bloating? check. Emotions close to the surface? check. Craving sugars and carbs? check.

DH and I discussed the possibility of going for #2 a couple weekends ago. The conclusion is that if we decide an addition to the family is welcome, we're not going to return to the infertility chase.

Despite my being the one physically going through all the treatments, it was harder on DH emotionally than I realized. Not because he was being my rock, which he totally was, but because of the way his part was so much on the periphery. As he described it a while back, he started to feel like a trained monkey whose participation was required on demand. And when you feel that way about one thing, you start to wonder if it's true about other things...a recipe for relationship issues if there ever was one!

I still feel like our family isn't complete, and would like to try for another, but I think I'm okay if it doesn't happen. Only time can prove whether that feeling is correct or not*. DH isn't quite so positive that we aren't done. On top of that, there are some things which may come to fruition in the next six months or so which would be made more difficult if I were pregnant the time.

So for now, the plan is to revisit the discussion in December/January. And until then we're going to keep using the condoms as much as DH and I both dislike them because there is no way that I want to go back on birth control and potentially screw up my system (again) unless we're 99.9% sure that we are done.

*With the trigger for advanced-maternal-age rapidly approaching (T-2 months and counting), and I'm pretty sure extra watching of subsequent pregnancies thanks to Little One's premature birth (regardless of my age) I'm a bit more impatient in actuality than I make it sound here. But as so many advice columnists like to point out: when it comes to potential pregnancies, the no-sayer rules.


  1. Well, it is very wise to take his feelings into account, many women just ignore their partner and forge ahead. If it is meant for you to have another baby, you will. Whatever and whenever you decide about your family, will be decided together.
    Funnily enough, I am also writing about this topic. :-)

  2. Good luck with everything. I do so very hope you get to have another child though!