Saturday, August 6, 2011

Small Rant, Complete with Many Asides

Please tell me my husband isn't the only one who seems incapable of realizing when it would be helpful for him to separate a fussy baby and mommy!!! (I was making dinner for Little One (AKA trying to hide protein other than milk, yogurt or cheese in a sauteed veggie mix), she was in her high chair pushing against the tray until she turned red...and he was in the office ignoring the whole ordeal.)

Seriously, most of the time I feel like I'm left with 99% of the child care. To be fair, most mornings he does leave home before we wake up and most nights doesn't get home until after she's gone to bed, so he doesn't get much chance to see her during the week (which means 100% of the child care falls to me).

But even when he's home and around on the weekends, I still don't get a break because he's dealing with other things he hasn't had time to deal with over the week since he's spending 2/3 of his life at work or commuting.

I dunno, apart from the time I spend online, which is snatched here and there throughout the day, it just doesn't feel like I get any time for myself (and yes, I realize being at work doesn't really count as time for himself, but at the most basic level, when he needs to pee, no one wants to follow him into the bathroom). It's bad enough that I look forward to doctor's appointments because they give me a reason to find child care and be out by myself. And then I look back at the empty car seat and miss her. How messed up is that?

When he does spend time with her he's great and they have a good time, but all of the daily grind falls to me whether he's here or not, and sometimes that just doesn't seem fair. For now, I'm just waiting for the all Daddy phase to hit...hopefully that's less of a myth than the 2nd trimester libido surge.

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  1. I know this is frustrating! My Hubby does not do subtle, either. I really need to ask for what I want. And I am really bad about asking. When I do ask him to take the baby for a while, he is usually more than willing.

    There is a phase where they are all about daddy. And it is beautiful. I am sure it is coming. In the meantime, talk to the hubby about what you need.