Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coupon Geeking

So, we went to Target yesterday. Me with a shopping list based on items we use for which I had coupons, Little One with a snack cup full of crunchies (cheerios, puffs, etc.).

Score of the day: 4 packs of Schick Quattro disposable razors (usually a 3 pack, but these had a bonus fourth razor). I had two "buy one get one free" coupons, so I got two of the packs for free, but on top of that, Target was running a "buy 2 get a $5 gift card" promo, so I also walked out with 2 $5 gift cards.

So, essentially, I paid a little over $3 for 16 disposable razors which would have cost me over $26 without the coupons or gift cards.

How sweet is that?

1 comment:

  1. fantastic!! I love when things work out like that... I JUST pulled out my last razor from my 'stash' I bought in April '10... they've lasted me this long!