Saturday, April 2, 2011


Most likely includes more than you really want to know about the origin of many of the items. Feel free to skip the text and just ooh and ahh (or judge...whatever) at the photos. I never called myself an interior decorator. I just put things I like together and hope they work.

1. This is part of the view from the glider...The door to the left is the room entrance. The door to the right is the closet. The quilt was hand made for Little One by a woman whose sons were older than I but with whom we socialized as I was growing up - as her sons show no signs of reproducing, Little One gains a honorary grandmother. The dresser being used a changing table came from DH's family; on the left, the basket holding diapers came from a baby shower and had been part of a memory type game featuring many different small baby items. The trash can was appropriated from DH's brother's stuff currently stored in our basement (anything stored in our basement is fair game) and replaces the original white plastic one purchased by DH. The little blue table with the humidifier on top was painted and used by my mother before she met my father. The window valence and rod are from Target. When selecting carpet when we built our house I had reluctantly agreed to this color over the light green I preferred for this room, and once I saw it in, loathed it! But I have to admit, now that the room is in use and decorated, it bothers me much less, and I can appreciate having a neutral instead of the green.

2. This is the rest of the view from the glider...In this view you get a sense of the wall color which was chosen to complement the bedding set. I really wish that there had been more items available with the plaid fabric on the bumper since that was my favorite part! I do love the sheet fabric as well, but I'm not so fond of the cha-cha fabric used for the bed skirt (and optional accessory pillow and balloon shades which I did not purchase). The table on which the monitor and lamp (Marshalls from MIL) are sitting was sold as a plant stand but never used as such by us and had been in our bedroom next to a chair. My mother needle pointed the framed art above the crib.

3.This view is from the door... You can really see the wall color best in this photo. I adore the color (Apricot Blossom by Behr) - it changes throughout the day from lighter to darker orange and sometimes looks more pinky-orange depending on the light. The bed frame was used by my great-grandmother as a little girl. The quilt was made by my mother and I when I was in middle-school. The throw on the end was a gift when I was in college (and may have been part of a high school graduation present) from the same person who gave Little One the art on the wall to the left of the window. The blue fabric on top of the throw was made by my Aunt (Dad's brother's wife) for me as a floor mat when I was little. The blue-green pillow case behind the dark pink pillow case is part of the set I used from sophomore year through graduation from college. And yes, that is a Zoobie pet, Lola the Lamb, at the front of the pillows.

4. And finally, the messy portion of the room...Looking from the closet at the glider...the small dresser to the left of the glider is from my mother's family. Resting on top is the trusty hospital rental pump. The art to the right of the window is a framed Christmas card depicting a castle with animals in front. The art on the white wall hung in my bedroom and bathroom growing up. The table and cloth are about the only things left from when the room served as a combo craft and guest room, and only because the color happily worked with the bedding. Little One's books are spread along the floor, in the crate and box top to the right. Getting a bookcase is next on the list! The lamp is left from when my mother owned a lamp and shade store. A customer brought it in for repair and never came back for it, but it's perfect for the room because it has an infinitely adjustable dimmer so I can leave it on very low between the time Little One goes to bed and the time I go back in for the late-night pump. The tall dresser matches the one currently being used as a changing table. The photo frame on the top left of the dresser is one given to us as a wedding present. I'm not sure why the giver thought it was us, but it fits Little One's room nicely and holds the same photo from the Do Not Disturb post.

And that, in much long windedness, is Little One's room. You may thank my finally getting around to this to DH's initiative in getting the blackout shades purchased and hung as additional light in the evening thanks to the time change made it obvious that the accordion blinds on the windows were not blocking enough light on their own (you can see that in the pictures); and to Little One's oft repeated new accomplishment of pulling herself up in her crib, creating the need to drop the crib mattress and remove the last of the bumpers.

Shortly after these pictures were taken the bumpers were removed and the mattress dropped - leaving only the sheet and bed skirt. I'm very sad about the bumper's going, and I really hope Little One doesn't start to run her head into the now exposed wood and wake herself up at night!

5. Since you've made it this a reward, here's Little One hanging out in an excersaucer at the office wearing a nice coating of her wheat teething biscuit.


  1. The colour of the nursery is beautiful. Also, the dresser is stunning.

    Removing the bumpers is not as bad as it seems. Oliver never had them and he often bangs a toy or his hands on the bars, to no ill ending.

  2. I love it!

    And she is soooooo adorable. look at all that hair!

  3. It's never too late for a nursery show and tell. ;-))
    And LO is adorable.
    But I do have one question: when and where had the time flown to?! HUH??? Almost nine months!! Sheesh...