Monday, April 11, 2011

My 9 Month Old...

...was trying to help type this post until I put her off my lap. With one swipe of her hand she pulls up menus I had no idea existed. Thankfully no serious damage has been done, and I'm hoping it stays that way!

Still has just the two teeth but has started up again with the chewing, so I anticipate that more will be arriving before she's 10 months (fingers crossed). For the first two, the chewing stopped the closer they came to the surface, so I'm counting on that a bit to have an idea where they are since peeking into the mouth to see the upper gum is a tricky proposition. Those first teeth are S.H.A.R.P.!

For the most part Little One is crawling on all fours now, and has picked up the pace when she's moving. New target: a secondary water bowl. So much fun to splash in and spill onto the floor! (not so much for the poor schmuck -me- who has to clean it up) The pulling up continues, with the addition of figuring out that if she gets up on her toes she can reach past the halfway point on the coffee table and get to the papers and such we have attempted to push away from her sticky little grasp. She's also able to get from crawling to sitting and will occasionally use the sit spin sit to move around an area instead of crawling. (Anyone have a preference for a steam mop for the hardwood floors which she is now "mopping" with drool and her knees?)

Last week I added the third meal of solids - lunch. I'd been putting it off as we are generally not home at lunch time and I didn't want the hassle, but it really was past time to make the addition. To make it easier on myself I'm using predominately pre-made baby foods instead of hauling around the food I've been making. I've settled on the ones in the pouch that you can screw a spoon onto the end and away you go. Well worth the extra cost in terms of convenience. Though I do find it ironic that most of food in that type of package is organic - lets save the people and destroy the earth? Hmmm...

Her hair continues to grow in - longer on top and shorter in the back with enough wave to give nice "C" shaped curls after a bath but not enough to keep them once it's dried. When I lift up her 'bangs' I can see a shorter layer coming in, so it's getting thicker as well as longer. She continues to have dandruff on her soft spot and it is on the list of things to ask at her upcoming 9 month appointment.

This past weekend Little One had her first runny nose. Poor kiddo. Thank goodness I had the foresight to get a NoseFrida a while back. It's gross, but it works so much better than either of the bulb aspirators we have around the house. No fever, mostly same happy temperament, just a runny nose and occasional cough (I'm guessing from the yuck running down the back of her throat).

It seems strange to me that she's now been out of the womb for longer than she was in it. And longer out of it than we had ever anticipated. Prematurity was one thing I didn't really worry about so much despite the couple of dreams I had that she was coming early. DH and I had both gone late...and were both first babies...why should Little One have been any different? It makes me wonder if there's been any evidence linking premature single births to IF.


  1. Right on target then, isn't she?
    But when did the time go by? This used to annoy me to no end before having a baby and now I am still annoyed I cannot give any pertinent answer...

  2. I'm not a doctor, but Carter had cradle cap (dandruff) until around her first birthday. I used to very, VERY lightly exfoliate her scalp with my nails while shampooing. I was always told it's not unusual.