Friday, April 1, 2011

In Which You Find Me Complaining About Naps, or Lack There Of

Since Little One learned to pull up (yes, she's doing that now), getting her down for naps has been crap-tastic. This morning, I nursed her to sleep which took all of 7 minutes, let her sleep for 4 more minutes before getting up and putting her in the crib. Not a minute later POP! she was up on her hands and knees.

Gone are the days of 5-7 minutes of fussing before she crashed for an hour. Here are the days of 30 minutes of fussing/pulling up/crawling around the crib before she sleeps for only 30 minutes.

Am I a mean mean mommy for insisting she have that "quiet time" when she's obviously tired? Or am I missing the window of opportunity to get her down quickly? Or should I just let her sleep in my arms while impatiently thinking about all the things I could be doing which are harder to accomplish when she's awake and demanding my attention?

The afternoon naps are a rinse and repeat. Please tell me it gets easier!


  1. Well, since you asked for advice I'll pony up my opinion. If you teach her how to put herself to sleep, you will save yourself a TON of frustration. There are a few ways to do that, we chose using the Ferber method, and now Aidan is a napping champ.

    But yeah, your life will get a whole lot better once Little One learns how to put herself to sleep.

  2. I'm with Parsing Nonsense. She'll get there, and probably soon, when the novelty of scooting wears off a little bit. For now, I think that even just being in a quiet room for a full hour usually does little ones a world of good.