Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to Do? Daybed Edition

I may have mentioned once or twice or more (perhaps) that our bedroom was home to an elliptical and recumbent bike? And expressed the hope that I could enjoy their benefits just by virtue of sharing a room with them for hours a night? Yes? No? One can hope?

Anyway, the plan has been once those were moved to an alternate location (ie: the basement), then a daybed which has been residing in the basement would take their place. Well, the elliptical is half-way to the basement. All the lightweight parts have been removed and all that remains is the back-breaking base. The bike is soon to follow.

Of course, this means that we are that much closer to being able to move the daybed into our room, hurray!

But, as you can see from the picture below, the daybed is in need of some serious TLC. Well, at least when it comes to the fabric and cushions, both of which are around 40 years old. My mother had it covered and the back put on a few years before she and my dad got hitched in '73, it was in their living room until I moved out in '99, it spent a few years in my living area before DH and I got married in '02, and somewhere between '02 and '04 it got put into storage and then into the basement once we moved into the house.

(don't you just love the shiny silver background?)

The current fabric is a light tan wide-wale corduroy which was actually quite cozy before it suffered all the ravages of time. From a stylistic perspective, DH and I are not terribly fond of the shaping of the back cushions, and the round side bolsters have had it! The piece was originally open on both sides but my mom had the back put on to be more useful - it's 2-3" lower than the tops of the side rails.

The picture below shows where it will go against the windows in our room. To the left you can see the top of a cream club chair: not a good color choice as it turns out when you have two yakking cats! But the predominant colors are dark green and red with white walls. We had talked about painting the walls a light coffee a while back, but nothing came of it before the valances went up and there's no way they're coming down now!

(I adore the fabric on our bed and the valance!)

What I'm thinking is some sort of stripe, maybe, if I can find one which doesn't add too much contrast or clash with the red patterned fabric (there was a coordinating stripe but both were discontinued and I could only get enough of the pattern when I had the duvet, shams and curtains made). I'm contemplating having the cushion covers all be slipcovers so they can be washed. Which might be a problem because then they could fade or change and be obvious against the fixed fabric along the front. If not slipcovers, then something which can be spot treated in place with your normal everyday cleaning spray like Resolve, and not run or discolor like the fabric on our family room sofa does. (Note to self: Test colorfastness before making a final decision on fabric which will see lots of use and wear!) Gah. See, this is why I need your input!

Ideally this will be an area where I can eventually go to get away and/or for Little One to sleep if she needs to be in our room after a scary dream so she doesn't end up in bed with us. Therefore, besides the cleaning issue, I'm hoping for comfortable fabric which (a) doesn't act like a magnet for cat fur (see both commentary on club chair and family room sofa) or show every piece of fur, and (b) won't fade or discolor in sunlight since the back will face the windows and the curtains will be open from time to time; but I'm pretty open right now to any and all suggestions.

I KNOW some of you out there are terrific at decorating...I've admired the pictures you've posted of your own homes, so fire away...fabric suggestions, cushion shapes (and how many?), ...other accessories I should consider?

Seriously guys, I need all the help I can get!


  1. ummm...ya! :) I have no help here, but that it sounds good! I know SO not helpful. I really suck at this stuff, but pretend I know what I'm talking about when I try to convince Trav. The only time it backfires is when I want to change something I already have done. Being military, we move every few years, so he figures that it only needs to be done once.... which is why I need him to go out of town for a few days so I can re-paint the kitchen! I hope you get some good advice!

  2. I'm hopeless at home decorating, but good luck with your project!