Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've Given In

(two posts in one day? It's been a long long time since that's happened!)

What I really want is an Alice, Mr. Belvedere, or Rosie (the robot). What I'm going to settle for...

...someone, or a company, who doesn't charge an arm and a leg to clean the house every two weeks.

I am finally willing to admit that I fail as the "perfect" housewife. But I come from a line of imperfect housewives - both my grandmother and mother had housekeepers along the way.

And we are lucky to be able to afford the help.

But I still can't help but wonder what that says about me to others that I am willing to admit that I can't do it all?


  1. Says absolutely nothing! There are priorities in life - spending time with baby and hubby being the most important - and cleaning just doesn't rank up there. I'd rather skip a meal or two out during a month and have someone clean my house!

  2. It says you know your priorities! I love having someone come in and clean. It makes my week.

    Have you looked at craigslist? That is where I found mine. Just be sure to check references.

  3. I think it shows that being a good mom is most important... let someone else do the floors!!! There are way more important things, like getting Little One to laugh at you making a silly face!

  4. I think it says you're realistic. Better to admit you need help than t live in squalor and b miserable, no?

  5. You do not live with 'the others'. Only those who matter can give an opinion on anything, right?

    I nominated you for two awards. Go over and pick them up on my blog when you have the time.