Monday, May 9, 2011

My 10 Month Old...

  • Slept in until 8 on Mother's Day. Apart from the concern that something had happened, it. was. AWESOME!
  • Popped her 5th tooth (the top left center) on Saturday and has been a much much happier baby since then. Tooth #4 was sneaky and came in unobserved while I was watching #5 take its sweet time arriving.
  • Is cruising furniture and crawling like crazy and has stood unsupported for a few seconds a couple of times.
  • Loves the cats. They don't really return the sentiment. Ditto for the dog, but Little One gets less excited about her.
  • Still gets hiccups on a very regular basis.
  • Was 21 pounds, 14.8 ounces at the beginning of May. Her 9 month checkup in mid-April clocked her at something just over 20 pounds and 29 inches, maintaining her 90% height and 75% weight status.
  • And because of those two considerations, she has moved out of the oh so convenient infant seat and into her convertible seat. She does seem more comfortable without her little arms squished up against her torso, but it also means that if she falls asleep in the car I now either have to wait her out or wake her up. Neither option is great. And it looks so uncomfortable like her little neck is bent in half as her head lists to the side.
  • Is nursing at most 3x per day. I am down to one evening pump session and am planning to start shortening the time on that tonight from 25 t0 20, then probably drop 5 minutes every week. I'm not sure how much longer we will nurse but I'm hoping to taper off once she's hit a year. Kudos for anyone who has gone past a year but it's not for me! I'm actually surprised we've made it this far. I started out setting goals: a month, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and here we are. It hasn't always been easy or convenient, but I've made it work. Given that she's only had one tiny cold so far (knock on wood) and the amount of weight loss I've been able to maintain, I think it's been a good thing for both of us! I do think that if I had been fanatical about it before Little One arrived, I would have been more likely to feel like a failure in having to supplement with formula. As it was I went in feeling like it might not work, so was open to whatever worked best for us.
  • Has figured out how to open the drawers and cabinets at work. Thankfully has not yet translated that info to home. Guess I better get a move on on picking out safety latches...any suggestions?
  • Goes after paper products like I'm not feeding her enough fiber.
  • In that vein, Little One will eat almost everything. However, yesterday's lunch of apricots and sweet potatoes is not included in everything. I tasted it myself and don't blame her - it was super tangy! Perhaps the apricots weren't ripe? But she has enjoyed small bites of an apricot fruit leather so I'm thinking it's a tangy thing, not a flavor thing. I've not done much table food as we eat dinner at least an hour after she goes to bed, so she still gets a bunch of purees with more and more finger foods thrown in. The baby food recipe book I received has some with pretty complex flavor profiles, but doesn't make more than I would be comfortable throwing away if it turned out to be a big thumbs down from Little One. What I have discovered, surprise, is that anything is better with cheese. Mac and cheese - yes please! Scrambled eggs are also a fun morning finger meal.
  • Is not a big fan of the sippy cup. Too much effort to lift the cup. Straw cups are much more easily taken. Though I don't understand why the straws don't go down further into the cup. I end up tossing at least an ounce if not two after every serving because it was below the level of the straw. She still will rarely hold her bottle as well. Oh well, it's only an issue when we are out and she's getting fussy when I'm still trying to shop or run other errands. And if she's hungry enough she will manage to get most of the milk or formula in her instead of on her so, that's something.
  • We're working on 'gimme five' since she's a big fan of smacking her hand against flat surfaces. Unfortunately it seems to be translating to smacking faces...which is not. good. Then she smiles like it's a big accomplishment. Also not good.
  • Ahh, faces. Mine, in particular. Still subject to the teething chew. Cute when she was still gumming, not so adorable now that the teeth are engaged. Yow. I'm just waiting for her to draw blood. We don't call her the vampire baby for nothing!
I guess that's all. But I'm sure I'm missing something.
  • Ah, yes, clothing: the 9 month days are 90% behind us and she is comfortably into 12 months. And 18 in some items. (Am I the only one who wonders why clothes suddenly went from 3 to 6 month ranges?) It seems like most of her length is in her torso, so things like rompers and overalls even in 12 month are giving her diaper wedgies, while the length of the legs is perfect. I'm learning to look at the size charts on the clothing and not go by the months.
  • Much like I had trouble finding a decent maternity bathing suit (which, obviously, turned out to be not a big deal thanks to the early arrival), I'm having trouble finding a reusable swim diaper which will work equally well for sandy beach and pool use. Even the online diaper store I found which happens to be headquartered in Virginia Beach couldn't answer my question satisfactorily. Any thoughts?
Ok, that really is it, unless I think of something else. You've been warned!

What are you up to?

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