Sunday, August 22, 2010

The (Rest of The) Birth Story - Other Stuff

A few more things that have come back to me and I wanted to share before I forgot...

1. The 10th was a rainy, rainy day. While I was pushing, the rain was pounding against the window in the birthing room. I'm wondering how long it will be before a hard rain like that doesn't make me think of that day...I hope it's a long, long time.

2. When DH's parents came, they stopped by a vending machine and grabbed a pack of crackers and a Coke for DH since he hadn't eaten all day. He had only drank about a third of it before the doctor(s) came in and got the birth process moving, so once all was said and done and it was just us and his parents in the room waiting for the all clear from the nursery so they could go see Little One, he was kind enough to share the rest of it with me. After hours of nothing but ice chips and water, I probably sucked it down way faster than I should have but that was the best tasting Coke I have ever had!

3. (This is slightly disgusting so skip it if bodily fluids disturb you...) Once I got into the hospital room, I was given a pair of the lovely mesh panties to wear along with the requisite pad and one of those cooling packs (which I couldn't really feel since that area was still a bit numb from the epidural, but I'm sure it helped). So there I lay in bed until I was given the all clear, 4 hours after the pictocin had been stopped and my legs had lost their tingling from the epidural, to get up and use the bathroom. It was at that point we, being me and the assisting nurse, found out that the pad had been inserted upside down. Doesn't do much for the absorbency to have the plastic side up...but it sure does make a mess!

This may be ongoing as things occur to me...or not. Don't hold your breath. Unless you want to pass out, but that's your choice, so don't blame it on me.


  1. I'm up for hearing all about your experience.. knowledge is key!

  2. I like what you said about the rain, I hope that stays with you for a long time.

    I feel the same way about cherry blossoms. The cherry trees bloomed early when Aidan was being born, and the day he was born it was sunny, and the blossoms were right outside the window of the birthing suite, and my midwife said, "It's a beautiful day to be born." It SO was!