Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Update

  • The laptop screen was replaced by the combined efforts of DH and the computer guy at his office. Yay!
  • As of this morning's Breastfeeding and New Mother Support Group meeting (held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the local hospital) Little One had reached 6lb-6oz. Two whole pounds more than her birth weight! And the majority of that has come from my efforts at pumping. I feel slightly like Super-Woman.
  • While breastfeeding hasn't improved noticeably, adding just 5 minutes to each pumping session has jumped production nicely. Now instead of wondering if I'll have enough milk for each (supplemental) feeding I'm wondering what I should use for freezing the extra...a much better concern to have!
  • Another thing about the above group - it gives me a reason to get moving and out of the house a couple days a week, and it's great to get pointers and support from someone who knows what she's doing (a lactation consultant runs the group).
  • And I think I've made my first new mom friend thanks to the above group. With Little One arriving before the birth classes started, I didn't get to meet any other prospective mothers as I had hoped. So at least now I'm getting to know some other Mom's with similarly aged babies - while Little One is still so new and floppy, things like story time at the Library and music classes are kind of pointless, so this is a great social interaction for both of us. And much easier to start chatting with someone than at the grocery store or other place where chatting like that can be, well, awkward. But when you both have a boob out with a baby latched on (or trying to latch), it's kinda hard to be less than yourself.
And sorry, still no pictures. I think DH uploaded some to the other computer, but the laptop is so much easier, especially when sitting in the recliner with a sleeping baby across my lap. Maybe later, once I've gotten the 16+ thank you notes written that I need to distribute at Bunco on Wednesday. Wish me luck that both my hand and my brain don't cramp!


  1. sounds like you've definalty developed 'super boobs"!!! :) I'm anxioulsy waiting for picturs, but understand the 'ease' part of it!

  2. Oh, forgot to say, thank's for the kind words on our picture! :)