Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Playing Dead

That's what the possum in our garage last week wasn't doing when my mother and I drove in after playing Bunco Wednesday night. What it was doing was clinging to the top of the lower sash of the double-hung window in front of my garage bay.

For the record: possums smell. And if you accidentally leave your garage door open at night they might very well take it as an invitation to make themselves at home.

It's not like we live in the middle of nowhere. We live in a very nice neighborhood, but one which still has a lot of undisturbed forest in common areas and unbuilt lots. (The developer didn't clear-cut the community which so many do.) Thus we have a fair amount of wild animals - a herd of deer regularly pass through our back yard, we've seen a fox every now and then, and lizards and skinks love our retaining walls for sunning and housing.

But this is the first time the wildlife has gotten quite so upclose and personal. Thank goodness the neighborhood security force is prepared and able to deal with such things. Mr. (or Mrs., who knows?!) Possum was safely apprehended and relocated and will hopefully never be seen again, at least in our garage.


  1. Possums are cute, but I've never been up close to one .. maybe that's a good thing! :D

    Herds of deer crossing your yard sounds heavenly.

  2. Possums...Ewwwww! Nasty, giant rat-like things they are, though I do think it's adorable that their babies cling to their mommy's tummy for transportation. It's oddly endearing.

  3. Oh, the wild life you lead, lady... ;-)

    Thanks for your comments, can't tell you how much they help me, every time.