Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My 1 Month Old...

(Otherwise titled: Holy Crap, I have a 1 month old!)

...has been seen sucking her thumb on more than one occasion.

...weighs almost 6 pounds - up a pound and a half from birth weight.

...is still wearing newborn size clothing. (Which is fine since we were given a LOT of newborn size clothes. It just gives me time to get her into all of the outfits. Though why people gave long-sleeve and long pantsed heavy weight newborn size outfits for a baby born during one of the hottest summers on record, I can't explain. Some days a onesie seems like too much clothing, I'm not putting her in anything much warmer. So any more we receive from this point out are going to get exchanged for larger sizes.)

...is currently a Pampers girl. I had bought a pack of Huggies on sale and she's only had blowouts while wearing those; so, Pampers it is (until I try something different as she grows).

...mostly loves being swaddled, though will also fight to get one arm out mid-nap. (The Aden & Anais Muslin wraps we received as a shower gift are excellent, though one of the prongs on my wedding band has gotten caught on the loose weave and picked it pretty easily.)

...is getting better at breastfeeding though we still aren't there 100%. Not sure we will be if my supply doesn't pick up some. (yeah, that's a worry for me)

...lets me sleep through the night. (Just kidding. Mostly it's doesn't let me sleep at night.)

...is still the cutest darn baby I have ever seen. (Sorry guys, mine's cuter, at least to me. Your perception may vary, but I guess you can't make that judgment without seeing a recent picture. I'll have to work on that.)


  1. I bet she is the cutest! :) I can't belive she is a month old!

  2. HEY CONGRATS MAMA :) it sounds like you're doing a great job.

    oatmeal and lots of water and sleep (yeah, i know... like THAT'S gonna happen) can help build up your supply -- and i'm sure you already know that the more she sucks, the more you're likely to produce...

    you're doing great :)

  3. Wow, a month old already! So proud of you for continuing to work on breast-feeding. She's still so twee, your supply will pick up as she grows and before you know it you'll be spraying her face with milk in the middle of the night!

  4. Amazing... one month!
    I am sure you will make it with the bf - you gave birth at 32w and 1/2, you will build up your supply.
    What is sleep? What is this thing you are talking about? ;-)