Wednesday, June 2, 2010

28 Week Update - Bonus Section

I survived the Glucose Testing and blood drawing - 3 vials. I looked over and went - "what"? Apparently in addition to the blood sugar, they also test iron (okay, that's fair), and have to check a 2nd time for syphilis (cue double-take on that one).

So the orange drink wasn't as bad as I was expecting - I like the Orange Hi-C at McDonald's, and it was like that, just extra sweet. Actually sweet enough to make me check the label to make sure there wasn't any salt in it thanks to the way my throat was burning. And now two hours later I've got heartburn. The first of the pregnancy. Super.

In this case, no news is good news, so I don't want to hear from them in the next couple of days.

Weight gain: 10 lbs

Blood Pressure: 114/64 (great)

Heartbeat: Yes, there is one.

Position: Flipped to head-down, so no longer breech according to external palpation.

Cervix: Checked during one of the most uncomfortable exams I've ever had. The technique was fine, the gloves were not - it felt like the nurse practitioner was wearing those ones for food service with the outside seams along each finger. Where's the smooth latex?!? (I know, I know, can't take the chance with allergies; but the vinyl is much less comfortable in sensitive areas!)

Due Date: No change there.

Recommendations: keep up the lower sodium intake, elevate legs at night, buy a car seat.

Birth control post-birth promoted again: Check. It's easier to just say condoms than fight it.

Hospital Registration Forms to complete before the next visit in 2 weeks(!) and signs of early labor received: Check.

This is really happening, isn't it?


  1. Woo hoo. Sounds like it's moving right along. Glad to hear the Glucola is not as nasty as I am anticipating. I have my GTT at my next appointment.

  2. heck ya its happening! Glad that things went well overall.... I'm so happy for you!

  3. It really is happening! And I'm so excited for you. :) :) :)

  4. Glad to hear it went well, albeit the gloves being a little harsh. Do they do internals as routine at each appt over there??

  5. I get so damn irritated when they do all of the STD checks. I mean, c'mon! They did all of that when we went through IVF - does it really need to be done again? You're just wasting my $$ now people :)
    Oh yeah. And the questions about post-conception protection. I get belligerent when they ask. You're right, it's probably just easier to answer "condoms" and move along but I always make some snappy comment about the fact that if there is a possibility of a "free" baby that I want one. Ha!

  6. Glad to hear you have no news from them re: GD. ;-) You really don't need that, trust me...

    And yes, it is happening. For realz! ;-p

  7. How exciting! Good luck and get that car seat! We joke around that DH IS our birth control so we have nothing to worry about.

  8. Tums are your friend. Buy a big ole' container and use as necessary. Totally safe for pregnancy, and help really quickly. Wondrous things.