Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simplehuman WIN!

Most of the time when you read about someone who has had an issue with a product and subsequently tries to resolve the issue with the distributor or manufacturer the words used to describe the experience are strikingly negative.

Not so this time.

We (DH and I) just had the most excellent experience with customer service, so I wanted to share just how great it was with you all in the event that you may be in search of a similar product currently or in the future.

A bit of background: somewhere between 6 and 8 years ago, we combined a couple of gift cards we had been given to Bed Bath & Beyond (as wedding presents?) and coupled them with one of those 15-20% off coupons (which in general we never seem to need until the DAY AFTER it has expired, but not in this case), bit the bullet and spent what seemed to be an obscene amount of money on a trash can.

A trash can people!

But not just any trash can. A Simplehuman 10-Gallon Butterfly Step Can. It had everything we wanted (and needed) such as a non-dog operable lid, was narrow enough to fit in the kitchen walkway, and large enough to not need to be emptied every other day. Our trash can has done all of those things admirably under very regular use for at least the past 6 years, and has also done a fabulous job of keeping any odors within the can, which was not something I had anticipated, even with a lidded can. But recently we noticed that the oomph behind the lid closure had gone from Speedy Gonzales fast to Pokey Little Puppy slow.

So, I contacted Simplehuman and tried to explain the issue via their online system - and thanks to their 10-year warranty, they sent a replacement part at no cost to us. Unfortunately, my try (see above) was not sufficient; as it turned out we actually needed a different part, which they also sent at no cost to us. This process was made fabulously easy because they actually followed up on emails....shocking! Even more shocking, the day I got the email saying they were sending the second part out and it should arrive in 5-7 days was the day the part arrived in the mail, before I had a chance to check my email at home.

Right now, I can't say enough good things about the company and their trash cans. So, if you are in need of a trash can - take a good hard look at the Simplehuman products. They may be a bit more expensive than the competitors, but from my perspective, the product and the service are going to be worth it.

(Now if I can only narrow down which can is going to be best as a diaper pail...)

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  1. I think you should stock up on these cans, because with such good products and customer service, they cannot be expected to survive long. Huh, follow-up e-mails... That is unheard of! ;-)