Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day. It started with the alarm going off at the regular time, intentionally, because we were participating in the biennial neighborhood yard sale and had to be at the location around 7AM to unload and set up our table before the 8AM start. Planning ahead meant that everything except chairs, drinks, snacks, and the money box had been priced earlier in the week and packed up the night before.

(We also woke up to a large limb down off a tree thanks to a nasty overnight storm - right where the Tahoe had been when we were packing it up with the items we had stored in the basement. Thank goodness DH had decided to move it back into the garage instead of being lazy and leaving it where it was for the night! Otherwise we probably would missed the yard sale, for the 2nd time in a row and all the items we had packed up would have been donated directly to one of the local charity shops in the coming week.)

The yard sale went pretty well, the weather was beautiful after the night's storm and I was grateful to have slathered myself with sunscreen as I would have been crispy without it! It would have been nice to make more, but we managed to get $ for the majority of the items we had taken, which means only that we had priced everything to sell, and not to get the value out of the items. The organizers had also arranged to have one of the local charity shops come do a pickup of any items people wanted to leave so the majority of what we had left went that direction. We did end up keeping a few items which had some possible remaining use to us, and don't take up too much room. We also came back with a few items which were left over at the table next to us; things like a infant tub, bouncy seat and mirror for the back seat of the vehicle so you can see the rear facing infant by looking into your rear-view mirror. It was very kind of them to give those items to us, even after we offered to give them some $ in return.

After returning home and eating lunch, DH took a long nap and I hit the Babies R Us web-site to start filling out the online registry. It's amazing how there is so little similarity in items carried between Target, Babies R Us, and even Amazon. I know there are duplicates on all 3 lists, but I'd rather have to do returns/exchanges then not have something on one of the lists in the event that someone only looks at the list for one store. (Does that make me greedy, I hope not!)

Once DH got up, we headed to a Babies R Us in person to look at the gliders. Maybe I just have extraordinarily short legs but the majority of the seats were either too deep or too tall for me to comfortably have my feet fully touch the floor while either gliding or trying to get up. And many of the seats just didn't seem that comfortable, even granted that they have been beat the hell up by being in-store models. So, given our predilection to pick the most expensive items, even when we are trying to keep our minds open, guess which model glider and ottoman it appears we will be purchasing? At least there's a 20% off in-store sale going on which makes it a bit more palatable. And the in-laws have said they would buy the glider for us, which we're going to accept but offer to chip in some of the cost because the one we picked out is so much more costly than the average set.

I had thought while we were at Babies R Us we could do some of the in-store registry, but then I realized I have a coupon to receive a $15 gift card when establishing an in-store registry which isn't valid until 5/31, so that got nixed. But we did wander around some and I was able to show DH and see in person for myself the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper which I'd seen good reviews on and was intriguing me as DH suffers from both reflux and irritable bowel, neither of which I hope get passed on, but if they do, this should be a good early days solution. Either way, it's a reasonably sized sleeper for the first couple of months to keep in the bedroom next to the bed. I wasn't sure how DH was going to feel about it, but he agreed, so on the registry it will go!

On the way home we hit Golden Corral for dinner because I'd been thinking about their fried baby shrimp and fried clam strips for a while. And their rolls are worth the price of admission. But guess which two items they did not have on the buffet?!? Of course. So while I still managed to stuff myself, it wasn't exactly the meal I had imagined. And DH was further disappointed by the quality of their steaks (what can you expect for a buffet?), but we both remember when you ordered your cut of steak and done-ness level when you paid for your meal and the servers brought it to your table. Or you could just get the buffet. At least we know that their rolls can be bought by the dozen, so I may just be doing that the next time DH really wants some. And we'll have to find another place which can satisfy my fried seafood likes while also having food which DH will enjoy since it doesn't appear that Golden Corral will be on our attendance list for a good long time, if ever.

Today has some of it's own busyness, but even given our both waking up without the alarm, but again at the time it usually goes off, we will definitely make more time for relaxation!


  1. Busy, Busy! But good busy! I looked at the link for the sleeper you are considering...wish I had that for our little one. She hates laying flat in her bassinet so we are resigned to put her in the carseat each night. That would probably have been perfect for her. Too bad we spent the $ on the bassinet (at least it converts to a regular pack-n-play). Good luck with the registering...all the baby stuff can be totally overwhelming. I always recommend 2 items - the Miracle Blanket for swaddling and the Sleepy Wrap for baby carrying.

  2. Busy indeed! G;ad relaxation is on the cards today.

  3. Wow! I get tired only thinking of how much you did. But on the other hand, you did accomplish quite a lot. Now get some rest!