Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuff On My Mind Today

I dreamed last night that I was baby-sitting for Amalah. Except I didn't actually spend any time with Noah and Ezra. And then her husband showed up and wanted to know all about a paint color decision that I knew nothing about. It was quite strange.

Last night was also the scene of the first hormone induced hissy fit. It was not pretty. But DH saved the day by insisting on running out to the grocery store to get the one item we needed that I would have sworn an oath earlier in the day we had in the freezer. By the time he returned I had had a mini-cry, calmed down and was able to get the rest of the dinner prep moving forward.

Poor DH appears to have unwillingly taken on the heartburn for me. Which stinks since he already had reflux which had been mostly under control thanks to daily prescription medication and the occasional Maalox. Last night he took an OTC of the other type of drug (one inhibits acid production and the other is a histamine receptor antagonist) in addition to the prescription and said he felt like he'd at least had some relief, and he has an appointment with his doctor's office next week so hopefully he can get some relief soon. Maybe it's just coincidence, but who knows; some men gain sympathy weight so sympathy heartburn may not be too far out there.

And totally different subject: Why do I think people who enjoy running are crazy and look down on them? It makes no sense and yet I still do it. I wonder if it's because I run funny myself (always came in last on the presidential fitness runs - once the gym teacher had even stopped timing by the time I finished) and never had any encouragement to improve? I dunno, but I do know it's not fair. I don't look down at long-distance swimmers or bikers, just runners. Any suggestions on how I can change my outlook on this?


  1. My husband is a marathoner and I think he's a total wack-job for loving the "high" he gets when he runs. I'd rather do ANYTHING else on the face of the earth than run. So I understand and get you on that one.

    PS - had my first breakdown/hissy fit last week. It wasn't pretty. Not pretty at all.

  2. I so missed the other post. Glad everything is fine with your little one. I envy you for having seen her face - my little acrobat only shows his top of the head, not his face.
    Sorry for your DH, I hope he feels better soon.
    I don't understand runners either. And there are so many of them now...

  3. Totally weird dream! As for sympathy pregnancy stuff, my mom swears she was having sympathy contractions at 3 am the morning I went into labor, weird huh?