Wednesday, April 28, 2010

23 Week Update - Post-OB Visit

Good visit this AM - the head is still smaller than normal but all else seems to be growing appropriately, the heart is beating away at a merry 148 beats per minute, and the brains (admit it, you are reading it as: braaaaiiiinnnsss) are looking like they should, so no worries unless that changes.

Little one is weighing in at about a pound and was hanging out in the breech position today so that made it a lot difficult to do another pass by to double check the parts are girly or boyesque, but much easier to check the heart and spine which was the real reason for the visit, so we'll continue to move forward under the assumption that the earlier anatomical assessment was correct.

And of course, she's ADORABLE. Pointy little chin, what looks like may be a pug nose (inherited from DH's mom), tiny feet and hands. All the parts and pieces are in position, so all she has to do now is grow, grow, grow!

We left the visit with the assurances that all looks well, and with a bottle of what I am told is an orange flavored liquid which I have to consume in under 5 minutes in the hour or so before my next appointment (in 5 weeks to get me in at 28 weeks on the nose) with the nurse practitioner. Yippee.


  1. Yay for a good scan!
    I am in awe at how accurate the ultrasound can be. Modern technology at its very best!

  2. I am glad to hear that your appt went well.

  3. SO glad that everything went well :) YAY!

  4. Of course she's adorable! You'll think that every time you see her after she's born, too :)