Friday, February 19, 2010

I won't lie - This is all about the whine and TMI.

Don't get me wrong. I love that I AM pregnant. I'm just not loving THIS pregnancy.

-After several days respite, morning (ha!) sickness has come back with a vengeance - sneaking up behind me irregardless of how much I have or have not eaten, tapping me on the shoulder, and not departing until I have bowed to its evil presence and made my ritual homage to the porcelain goddess. DH joked at the u/s appointment that the kid should stop kicking me and making me throw up.

-I miss the ease and comfort of sleeping on my stomach. The back, side, back, side rumba I'm doing at night with a flourish of pillow adjustments isn't giving me much rest. And yet, I find that when I find a minute or two when I can try to nap, I can't settle my mind enough to do so.

-I miss having enough energy to even do little things to keep the house up. Our house is in pretty bad shape: the dust-kitties are running wild and multiplying by the dozens, the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in longer than I care to admit, and changing the sheets on our bed has tripled from the 10 minute process it used to be.

-I miss actually having an appetite and eating regular sized portions. The upside - calories, schmalories - if something actually tastes good I'm not going to worry about the nutritional values so much. When things settle down again I'll worry about it, but not now.

That's pretty much it, my life has devolved to food and sleep and worries about getting enough of each. DH is waiting for the fabled 2nd trimester libido to kick in. Anxiously waiting that is; with the exception of Valentine's Day, he's been neglected in that special way for a while now. Of course, he's going to be traveling for the better part of the 2nd trimester, so he's also worried he's going to miss it. I'm worried about forcing myself to eat properly when he's not around. And I'm really hoping that the departure of morning sickness and arrival of an appetite coincide with both a big surge of energy and that mythical libido.


  1. I feel ya!

    Hopefully it will pass soon!!!!

  2. Oh dear, tell him not to wait with bated breath for that libido...I think that's just a lie people tell to convince husbands that pregnancy isn't all bad. I have yet to meet a woman whose pregnancy made her randy.

    Just wait until week 16, when you can no longer sleep on your back either! I tell you, pregnancy is murder on a good night's sleep!

    The good news is, the second trimester is all it's cracked up to be. The cute little baby bump, finding out the sex of the baby, the general feeling of glowing happy glowy-ness...All these things I wish upon you and more!

  3. Sorry you are still sick. I was so ill last weekend that I asked the NP for a prescription for an anti-nausea med- Zofran. It is a life saver!

    Congrats on a great ultrasound! I cant wait to see a real baby in there, as opposed to just a blurry blob....