Monday, February 22, 2010

14 Week Update

Still with the sickness. I know you are as tired of reading about it as I am experiencing it. I can't wait to report that I've gone a week (or more) without it!

DH left yesterday morning for two weeks, it's the first part of a series of on-site time he's having to spend on a project which will most likely last through April (boo!). Our neighbor has agreed to come over to deal with the litter box as needed - her husband was away when she was pregnant with their first and she ended up having to clean the box herself complete with face mask and rubber gloves, so said she'd be happy to do it.

Probably related to the sickness/lack of interest in food: the tired and lethargic. Seriously, I can't stand up for more than 5 minutes without wanting to sit back down, and it seems like it doesn't take much to elevate my heart rate to pounding.

New: Odwalla Protein Monster smoothie in Vanilla (I'd link directly but the Odwalla site is flash based...)*, and Carnation Instant Breakfast in Vanilla added to 2% milk. More liquids, fewer solids. No more citrus apart from Gatorade Orange.

Something I forgot to mention along the way: My bladder - it's gone reclusive. Again, probably related to the sickness and lack of interest in food. Until now, I've always had a camel bladder but even though I'm going as infrequently as ever, at times having to force myself to go because it's been so long without the urge, the volume has dropped noticeably even with my recent uptake in liquids.

Fun this week - calling the OB's office to fuss at why they did a pregnancy test and are charging me for it when I made the appointment after increasing betas and an u/s at the RE's office. It's probably tied to the idiot nurse who could not imagine diverging from first OB visit protocol. So, most likely a losing battle, over an insignificant amount. It's the principal of the thing, really.

*I also tried the Trader Joe's version - it has fruit juices though and didn't sit quite as well. But I do have a question: does soy protein in a pre-made smoothie have to be so grainy? Can anyone out there answer that for me?


  1. So sorry to hear the blech is still with ya. Hope it goes away soon. At least it should.
    The bladder thing is a bit weird though. Talk to your doc about it.
    I'd say it's wise to talk to the nurse in her language, perhaps she wouldn't understand either way the difference between principal and principle. Very wise of you indeed. But don't expect too much from them. She still can say 'yes, you are right, but...' and never change a thing. Nevertheless, good luck.

  2. Sorry you still aren't feeling well. Hopefully it will subside soon so you can get some solids in!

  3. Sorry to hear the sickness is still with you. I'm still nauseas at over 15 weeks. Those who say it goes away can go run!
    Glad you're staying away from the cat litter!

  4. Dang it! I'm so sorry you are still feeling so nasty! I really am. That is NO fun!

    Do you have a Tropical Smoothie Cafe in your part of the state? They make great protein smoothies. I had one a day when I was sick post ER/ET and the first few weeks. I never tried Smoothie King but that might be another option.

    I too agree that the bladder thing is a bit strange. Definitely ask your OB about that one!

    Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon!

  5. Kmina - okay, you caught me, I was too lazy to make sure it was the one I meant. And with a retired English teacher for a mother - shame on me! :)

    ifcrossroads - Smoothie King is way better than Trop. Smoothie (IMHO - plus they offer a choice of drink sizes!), but unfortunately all we have are the Trop. Smoothie around here. And they aren't entirely convenient, so while I've thought about it, I haven't made the effort. I would make the effort for Carl's though. That would taste pretty good right now. (But I'm not sure it's worth an 1.5 hour drive...)

  6. I swear we could be pregnancy symptom twins! I'm a few weeks behind you, but tired/lethargic and never have to pee. I can tell it's more concentrated, but I'm drinking so much more than usual, so it doesn't make sense.

    I'm totally going to try the Odwalla Vanilla smoothie this weekend.

  7. You are SO lucky with the cat box thing. I knew about the risks associated with toxoplasmosis and pregnant women and so I SPECIFICALLY asked my OB about it with my husband present. Didn't work. The OB asked if I've lived most of my life with indoor cats and I said "yes". When he explained that I'd probably already been exposed to it and said "just be careful", my husband said a secret "SCORE" in his mind and cleaned that cat box a grand total of 6 or 7 times during my entire pregnancy.
    Still hoping you feel better soon!!!

  8. Leslie - that's about the only thing I can thank the nurse for from the first appointment. DH usually deals with all the animal issues, so I am doubly lucky that even when I'm not pregnant I rarely need to interact with the cat box!

  9. Sorry to hear that you are still sick. I read that 25mg of Vitamin B6 and 350mg/3 x a day of Ginger are supposed to help. I too have been quesy on a daily basis and it is torture! Feel better.

    PS- I just left you a couple awards on my blog!