Tuesday, February 16, 2010

13 Week Update


Did you hear that? That was me exhaling a super-huge sigh of relief after this morning's ultrasound. All is well. The little bugger (yet to be nicknamed) was quite wiggly and active, at one point I swear s/he was doing the back stroke. Or would have had there been more room. Even so, I had to laugh when s/he scooted backwards enough to hit his/her head against the limits of room. Is it bad that I'm already laughing at my child?

And of course, at the point where the u/s tech was doing a, what?, brain check?, I couldn't help myself and went 'braaiiinnnsss' in my best Dr. Frankenstein voice. She didn't laugh but was other wise quite pleasant. DH got to hear the under-sea whoosh-whoosh of the heartbeat - somewhere around 153-158 (we were in disagreement on what the tech said) - so that was excellent as well.

Still not eating much but I haven't lost any further weight. Still congested - though I did get the go ahead to try Afrin or Zyrtec or another antihistamine to see if that would help, especially after this morning when my gag reflex was triggered by excess drainage. Something like that just throws the off rest of my day - all I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep it off.

Going back in 4 weeks to meet with the doc DH doesn't like. The physiology check is in 7 weeks or so, but it's not been scheduled. With DH returning to the out-of-state job site soon for a number of weeks on and off, we're really hoping that appointment can be scheduled when he's in town.

Have yet to break out the maternity pants - like the belly band they are sitting in my closet awaiting the day when I am no longer able to avoid using them. But if my weight continues to be stable, it may be longer than I anticipated before they are necessary.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to try to fake looking productive at work while I really take a nap. ZZZZzzzzz.


  1. Yayyy....out of the first tri!!! So glad your u/s went well this morning!!

  2. Isn't the ultrasound super fun now that the baby actually looks like a baby? So glad everything went well, active wiggly babies are such a blessing!

  3. Congrats!!! and I think "Braaaaaaaaaains" is funny!

  4. Congrats on the scan.. now scoot on over, I'll bring the pillows.

  5. So thrilled to hear that the little bean is doing so well - brains and all!

  6. Great news! I am very happy for you.
    I still fit half of my clothes at 15w, so you may wait a bit more to bring out the fancy preggo stuff and be the talk of the neighbourhood. But it's a good thing you are ready for it. :-)

  7. It sounds like a fantastic appointment. I think it's cute that your LO gave you a laugh. It's moments like that you cling to for the weeks in between ultrasounds.

    Hopefully the Zyrtec will help you some. I've been having horrible congestion problems too and I've been using the Saline nasal spray, a humidifier and Claritin nightly and it's helped somewhat. At least I can breathe :) Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I had some horrible congestion the first couple of weeks, and then again due to illness. I got some Breathe-Right Strips, and was SUPER surprised at how well they worked.

    Congrats on being out of the first trimester!