Saturday, January 23, 2010


My MIL sent me this photo of their cat and dog - said it made them think of me.

Isn't that nice?


  1. Can't speak for the cat but if I were in that room, the wallpaper alone would send me to nausea-ville. Not beacuse it's unpleaseant as it's rather pretty but it'd make my eyes go beserk! (I can't read books at the moment for fear of nausea).
    Do you always have someone in the room watching you too.. Haha

  2. Well, our dog did come in Saturday when I was in that position. But she neglected to bring me a glass of water which was really quite thoughtless of her.

  3. That's kind of funny! What sweet inlaws you have lol. I like how the dog is just sort of observing...