Friday, January 22, 2010

400-ish Posts

And you can't stop me...muwahha hah hah.

(Today I'm apparently looking at the scatological side of things...just be warned.)

-I skipped the mountain (again) this weekend, leaving DH with the nasty chore of cleaning the toilet we had to leave soiled thanks to the lack of water on our last visit. He was very understandably less than thrilled.

-In bed the other night, had some gas I swear reduced the size of my belly as it departed. DH was asleep for the performance, so I don't have outside verification, but I SWEAR it really happened.

-Mustered the energy this weekend to clean the bathroom after two weeks of cleaning nothing but the toilet. Hey, if I'm going to be up close and personal with something on a moments notice, I want it to be clean.

-Something I haven't seen mentioned: Thursday evening I suffered a bout of stomach eruptus as I was getting ready to make dinner. Seems that the snack I had when I got home wasn't quite enough. But that's not the point. The point is, during the stomach eruptus in addition to making sure I hit the bowl, I was having to make sure to clench my kegels so that my bladder wouldn't make it's own contribution to the situation. I've never had this happen before and it scared me a little; am I a freak or is this pretty common and people just don't talk about it?

-When I wasn't laying in bed awake, I dreamed about food all last night. You'd think that would mean my stomach was going to be back to normal this morning, right? Not so much. It was very depressing to have THAT realization.

-To end on an up note - the kitties obliged me yesterday and snuggled up with me on the couch while I was watching and napping through the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh hockey game. It was ever so much more comforting than having the dog observe as I lost my cookies.


  1. I never had the whole puking/incontinence thing happen to me personally, but I learned in my birth class that throwing up triggers a relaxation response in all the sphincters of the body (hence why throwing up while in transition is actually a good thing) so it's probably just that.

  2. Um, yeah. It can happen. I've thrown up so hard that I peed a little, but strangely not when pregnant. Just really, really, REALLY hung over.