Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something That Bugs Me...

When another driver can't wait for you to get comfortably past the vehicle you are passing, and just as you activate the turn signal to change lanes, swerves around and between the two of you.

It's especially annoying when it's a middle-aged white guy wearing a button down and tie in an SUV doing the swerving and not some t-shirted punk in a souped up sports car.

The latter I almost expect to do something like that, the former I expect to have a little bit more decorum. But I guess appearances can be deceiving.

What's bugging you?


  1. right now, the freezing cold weather, and looming ice storm scheduled for later this week... oh, and my THREE snoring dogs. I wish I could sleep right now!!!

  2. The fact that my husband keeps nailing interviews and being awesome in every way and has yet to get a job offer. What is WRONG with these hiring managers? How could you NOT want my husband working for you?

  3. Insurance companies! My car is getting fixed now after I got rear ended last week. Their insurance company owes me a rental car but I cant seem to get through the bureaucratic B.S. to actually get my hands on that car....

  4. Driving in Germany is NOT easy. Among the annoying stuff I can mention speeding up when the light is very obviously red; signalling and changing lanes at the same time, without even taking a look to see if the others have acknowledged that; and their parking skills - it really bugs me, because I am not a great parker and need time to make it right, while they piss me off with their two-moves-perfect-parking in the tightest of spots. Is it something in the water or what?

  5. Hmm. I would have to say my dog and the never-ending mess of the water dish. And also the salt we use on the treacherous sidewalk getting all over the house. That's just awesome.